J W Newland

J W Newland made daguerreotypes in New Orleans in 1845; in Jamaica, Granada, Panama, Peru and Chile between 1845 and 1847; in the Pacific and New Zealand in 1847; in Australia in 1848; Britain in 1854, and in Calcutta between 1849 and 1857. His daguerreotypes were either blind stamped on the corner of the mat, or ink stamped on the inside of the case. In 2020 Bloomsbury will publish Empire, Early Photography and Spectacle: the global career of showman daguerreotypist J.W. Newland, an academic book on Newland’s global career as a daguerreotypist and magic lanternist by Associate Professor Martyn Jolly (martyn.jolly@anu.edu.au) and Dr Elisa deCourcy (elisa.decourcy@anu.edu.au) from the Australian National University. We would like to thank the members of the Society and the public and private collections around the world who have already generously assisted us in building an international picture of Newland’s career. However we are still keen to find any further examples of Newland’s work, and to identify if possible the current owners of two daguerreotypes, images of which have previously appeared at online auction sites or are on public online photography sites. Any more information on J W Newland, particularly from North, Central and South America in the mid-to-late 1840s, would also be very valuable. The daguerreotypes which have previously appeared online are attached.

Martyn Jolly

Martyn Jolly

Associate Professor Education

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  1. https://alphonsegallery.zenfolio.com/jnewland
    I jsut saw your old post when I logged in for this year’s symposium dates.
    Above is a link to my 6th plate JW Newland daguerreotype – it is from
    Newland’s New Orleans studio, c. 1845. I have found no others from this earliest
    studio in the US.

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