1994 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents


Feature Portfolios:

A Glimpse into the Massachusetts Historical Society Daguerreotype Collection
— Chris Steele

African-American Daguerreotypes
— Matthew R. Isenburg

Table of Contents

The Editors' Fuming Box
Laurie A. Baty, Matthew R. Isenburg, John Wood

A Mammoth Plate Daguerreotype in Hawaii: The Result of a Diplomatic Indiscretion
Bruce T. Erickson

Correspondence Re: Captain Elliott
John McWilliams

If Only Alchemy Were This Easy: A Practical Method of Recovering Gold from Used Gold Toning Solution
Emily J. Bailey & Clyde H. Barlow

Notes on an Early Daguerreotype of Walt Whitman
— Denise B. Bethel

Monumental Portraits of Baltimore
Ross J. Kelbaugh

First Photographers Who Worked in Guatemala
— Enrique del Cid F., David Haynes and Birgitta B. Riera, translators

Correspondence: A Tinsmith Daguerreotype
Harvey Zucker

John Plumbe: America's First Nationally Known Photographer
Robert Taft, Cliff Krainik

Commentary on Taft
Cliff Krainik

The Jackson Family in a Daguerreotype and in a Poem
Chris Steele

My First Daguerreotype

Napoleo'n Aubanel's Stereo View of Montevideo
Miguel Angel Cuarterolo

Some Patents of Note: Early Coloring Patents
Doug Jordan

Portfolio: A Glimpse into the Massachusetts Historical Society Daguerreotype Collection
— Chris Steele

Mercury & the Daguerreotypist: A Modern Assessment
Kenneth E. Nelson

Mini-biography: Samuel Wheeler
John F. Graf

Two Early Ohio Daguerreians
Donald A. Hutslar

A Visit to Mr. Beard's
Michael G. Jacob

Art and History
Drew Heath Johnson

Portfolio: African-American Daguerreotypes
— Matthew R. Isenburg

Vance's Views in St. Louis: An Update
— Dolores Kilgo

The Sincerest Form of Flattery Again
Kenneth E. Nelson

Imitation Daguerreotypes
A. J. Jarman

Search & Research: Solving a Daguerreian Mystery
Ross J. Kelbaugh

Snelling: The Father of Photographic Journalism
A. J. Olmstead

A Case for Critchlow
Bethany and Will Ouimet

Mini-biography: Sarah L. (Judd) Eldridge
Alan Woolworth

Lines Written on Seeing a Daguerreotype Portrait of a Lady
Elizabeth Sheridan Carey

Striving for Improvement: Additions and Revisions to the 1990, 1991, & 1992 Annuals
Laurie A. Baty

Five Year Index: 1990-1994

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