2017-18 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Collecting Early Photography for The National Portrait Gallery
— Ann M. Shumard

Portraits and Headshots of Edwin Booth
— Barbara Cohen-Stratyner

The Price of Magic: The Arrival of the Daguerreotype in St. Louis
— David R. Hanlon

George Foster Emmons and the Emmons Daguerreotypes
— Jeremy Rowe

From Newark to New Zealand: Frank R. Huff, Photographer
— Gary D. Saretzky

Of Comets and Meteors
— Jane Turano-Thompson

Moon on a Silver Plate
— Jan K. Herman

Isaac Daniels, The Starving Revolutionary Veteran
— Joe Bauman

Photographing Revolutionary War Veterans
— Joe Bauman

The Beakerel Process: Sensitizing Daguerreotypes Without Fuming
— John R. Hurlock

A Twin Paradox
— Mike Robinson and Edward P. Vicenzi

A Forgotten Daguerreotype: The Path To Discovery
— Leonard A. Walle

The Stratton Mountain Tragedy
— Richard Alan Wood

Martin Van Buren by William & Frederick Langenheim: A Hyalotype, circa 1851
— Wm. B. Becker

Portrait of the Locomotive Tioga
— Arthur Krim

Bowery Daguerreotypists
— Jeremy Rowe

Origin of the Design of the Voyage of Life Series of Thermoplastic Cases
— Paul K. Berg

A Tale of Two Collectors
— Sean William Nolan

Pioneer Collector Julian Wolff
— Jeremy Rowe, et al.

Irv Pobboravsky: A Memorial
— Fiona Christie


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