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Contemporary accounts of the process
Modern articles on the process
New Daguerreian Journal (1971-75)
General writing
Materials safety data sheets
Vintage manuals and accounts
Contemporary Cameras
Contemporary Cases
Silver plating
Materials Sources
Daguerreotype Conservation
Daguerre online

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The chemicals used in this process are extremely hazardous and proper practice in handling to minimize potential hazards should be adhered to at all times.

These resources and information provided on this website are provided for general educational purposes and is not intended to endorse the use of chemicals by untrained individuals.

The administrators of this site accept no responsibility nor liability resulting from improper use of chemicals or resulting conditions from following information here presented.

The administrators also advocate safe handling of chemicals and materials that also protect the environment, notably with regards to the use of mercury.

Contemporary accounts of the process (website links)
Danforth, Jonathan - Daguerreotype Photographs the Old Fashioned Way
Kerun, Marc -
Kessell, Mark -
Motamedi, Jason Greenberg -

Modern articles on the process
Baker, Roger Jr - "Surface Films on Daguerreotypes",
Hilty, Jon - "A low cost approach to making Daguerreotypes"
History of Photography, Vol. 4, No. 2, April 1980.
Hurlock, John - "Warming Up to Cold Mercury", The Daguerreian Society Annual, 1998. (pdf file - 0.84mb)
Hurlock, John - "The Light at the End of the Bromine, The truth is out there", The Daguerreian Society Annual, 2000. (pdf file - 1.26mb)
Hurlock, John & Rickart, Eric - "Frozen in Time: Preserving the Daguerreotype Latent Image",
The Daguerreian Society Annual, 2002. (pdf file - 1.96mb)
Hurlock, John - "Unlocking the Secret: Hyper-sensitizing Daguerreotypes with Light", The Daguerreian Society Annual, 2004. (pdf file - 2.38mb)
Nelson, Ken - "The Cutting Edge of Yesterday", The Daguerreian Society Annual, 1990. (pdf file - 4.8mb)
Nelson, Ken - "Mercury and the Daguerreotypist: A Modern Assessment", The Daguerreian Society Annual, 1994. (pdf file - 8.5mb)
Pobboravsky, Irving - "Study of Iodized Daguerreotype Plates" (pdf file - 6.8mb)
Pobboravsky, Irving - "Exposure guide" (pdf file - 40kb)
Stockton, Andy - "Making Glass Daguerreotypes" (pdf file - 672kb)

New Daguerreian Journal (1971-75)
Reproduced here by the kind courtesy of the publisher, Walter Johnson, whom all copyright resides with. Copies of the NDJ are also available from Walter on CD.

History of the NDJ (20kb)
Vol. 1, Issue 1 (3.4mb)
Vol. 1, Issue 2 (3.8mb)
Vol. 1, Issue 3 (6.3mb)
Vol. 1, Issue 4 (8.1mb)
Vol. 1, Issue 5 (7.2mb)
Vol. 1, Issue 6 (5.9mb)
Vol. 2, Issue 1 (7.0mb)
Vol. 2, Issue 2 (7.9mb)
Vol. 2, Issue 3 (7.7mb)
Vol. 2, Issue 4 (7.0mb)
Vol. 3, Issue 1 (5.2mb)
Vol. 3, Issue 2 (5.6mb)
Vol. 3, Issue 3 (6.5mb)
Vol. 3, Issue 4 (5.2mb)

General Writing
The adventures of Professor Simon Alexander Wooley- pdf file - 60kb
Convocation of Latter Day Daguerreans (July 9-11, 1976)
Making Daguerreotypes - My First 12 Months - David Burder- pdf file - 420kb
How I made Daguerreotypes in 1972 - Walter Johnson- pdf file - 1.1mb
Making a Daguerreotype portrait of the Rinharts (1973) - pdf file - 280kb
Save That Film Pack Adapter - pdf file - 752kb
Dominique Genty's Daguerreotypes and Scientific Analysis - pdf file - 1.46mb
Plate Size Comparison Guide - pdf file - 787kb

Materials safety data sheets (Courtesy Spectrum Chemicals)
Bromine (pdf link - 122b)
Chlorine (pdf link - 96kb)
Copper (pdf link - 78kb)
Gold Chloride (pdf link - 81kb)
Hydrochloric Acid (pdf link - 74kb)
Hydrofluoric Acid (pdf link - 75kb)
Iodine (pdf link - 107kb)
Mercury (pdf link - 114kb)
Nitric Acid (pdf link - 70kb)
Silver (pdf link - 78 kb)
Silver Nitrate (website link)
Sodium Thiosulfate (pdf link - 52kb)
Sulfuric Acid (pdf link - 73kb)

Vintage manuals and accounts
Berry, Miles (1840) English patent of the Daguerreotype [transcription] (pdf file - 70kb)
Bisbee, A. (1853) History and Practice of Daguerreotyping (pdf file - 3mb)
Fisher, George Thomas (1843) Photogenic manipulation - Part III (pdf file - 1.1mb)
Baron Gros, J. B.-Louis (1850) Some Notes on Photography on Metal Plates (pdf file - 212kb)
Halleur, G C Hermann et al (1854) The Art of Photography: Instructions... (pdf file - 3.7mb)
Hill, L. L. (1850) A Treatise on the Daguerreoptype (pdf file - 3.5mb)
Hill, L. L. (1856) A Treatise on Heliochromy (pdf file - 9.4mb)
Hopkins, Geo. Reminiscences of daguerreotypy (website link)
Humphrey, SD (1849) A System of Photography (pdf file - 3.8mb)
Humphrey, SD (1858) American Hand Book of the Daguerreotype (pdf file - 469kb)
Lerebours, N.P. (1843) A Treatise on Photography (pdf file - 6.3mb)
Snelling, H (1849) The History and Practice of the Art of Photography (pdf file - 3.9mb)
Thornewaite, WH (1845) A Guide to Photography (pdf file - 2.9mb)
Ure, A. (1844) A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and mines (excerpts)
W.H.T (1843) Photographic manipulation (pdf file - 788kb)

Contemporary Cameras
Rose, Ivan
Star Camera Company

Contemporary Cases
New Alchemy cases

Silver plating
Reliable Plating (Chicago, IL, USA) - Coult Greenwell

Materials Sources
Bostick & Sullivan
Daniel Smith Art Supplies
Graphic Chemical and Ink Co.
McMaster-Carr Supply Co.
Photographers' Formulary
Rio Grande
Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products

Daguerreotype Conservation
Conservation of Stereo Daguerreotypes (pdf file - 3.6mb)
Housing System for Daguerreotypes (pdf file - 1.7mb)

Photographers Formulary
Robinson, Mike
Spagnoli, Jerry

Daguerre online


George Eastman House
Mexican Society of the Daguerreotype (Sociedad Mexicana de Daguerrotipo)

Oscar Colorado


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