Wood: Collections of Images and Assorted Topics

Apraxine, Pierre. Photographs from the Collection of the Gilman Paper Company. (New York: White Oak Press, 1985.) The most beautiful and expensive such book ever produced, with tipped in reproductions by Richard Benson including 23 daguerreotypes, a series of a sun eclipse and a mammoth plate by the Langenheims, a signed Morse, etc., excellent notes.

Bernard, Bruce. Photodiscovery: Masterworks of Photography, 1840-1940. (New York: Abrams, 1980.) Among the seventeen daguerreotypes reproduced in this stunning volume are what are arguably the greatest of occupational daguerreotypes, the greatest of landscapes, the greatest of postmortems, and several very great erotic ones.

Bertelli, Carlo. The Pioneers of Photography, 1840-1900: The Robert Lebeck Collection. (New York & Milan: Idea Books, 1988.) Beautiful book with handsome reproductions of some thirty daguerreotypes; though the same images appear in the more comprehensive Reinke & Stemmer volume, the reproductions here are finer.

Borcoman, James. Intimate Images. (Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 1988.) A catalogue of an exhibition mainly of German daguerreotypes including a beautiful, previously unpublished Biewend, but also a self-portrait of Jabez Hogg playing chess, and eleven others; fine essay by Borcoman.

Buckland, Gail. First Photographs: People, Places, and Phenomena Captured for the First Time by the Camera. (New York: Macmillan, 1980.) Reproduces many fine daguerreotypes, the majority not seen elsewhere.

Cameron, John B., and Wm.B. Becker. Photography's Beginnings: A Visual History.(Rochester, MI: Oakland Univ., 1989.) A beautiful book with many fine daguerreotypes in color, excellent notes on the images, and sensitive essays by Cameron and Becker and with an Introduction by Heinz Henisch.

Droscher, Elke. Kindheit im Silberspiegel. (Dortmund: Harenberg, 1983.) Beautiful little book with eighty fine color reproductions of daguerreotypes of children.

Hough, Robert. Forty Daguerreotypes from the Bokelberg Collection. (Edinburgh: Scottish Arts Council, 1980.) An amazing collection!

Johnson, Robert, and Robert Shimshak. The Power of Light: Daguerreotypes from the Robert Harshorn Shimshak Collection.(San Francisco: Fine Arts Museum, 1986.) Reproduces twenty-four daguerreotypes including a wonderful Plumbe of a church.

Koetzle, Michael, and Uschi Birr. Hunde vor der Kamera.(Weingarten, 1989.) Another book illustrating the great collection of Uwe Scheid, this one devoted to photographs of dogs, including twenty-two daguerreotypes, many in color.

Maddow, Ben. Faces: A Narrative History of the Portrait in Photography. (Boston: New York Graphic Society, 1977.) Includes an outstanding discussion of the daguerreotype by the most eloquent of all photohistorians.

Reinke, Jutta, and Wolfgang Stemmer. Pioniere der Kamera: Das Erste Jahrhundert der Fotografie, 1840-1900. Die Sammulng Robert Lebeck.(Bremen: Fotoforum Bremenm 1987.) Amazing collection with over eighty reproductions of daguerreotypes, many in color, including several views of Rome and a whole plate of the harbor at Sete by Certes and a whole plate of General Wool by Southworth and Hawes.

Spira, S.F. "Daguerreotypes as a Selling Tool." History of Photography 3, #4 (October 1979), p. 378. Short note with reproductions of six daguerreotypes of clocks.

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