Wood: The Daguerreotype in Other Countries

(Including a new listing of Argentine literature on the daguerreotype...with thanks to Miguel Cuarterolo)

Cuarterolo, Miguel Angel and Jeremy Adelman. Los años del daguerrotipo, primeras fotografías argentinas 1843-1870. Biography and analysis of the work of first daguerreotypists active in Argentina. Compilation of images from Museo Historico Nacional & Enrique Udaondo museum in Lujan, 107 p, 60 color illust. Text in English and Spanish. Fundación Antorchas, Buenos Aires 1995. A preview of the book is available on the web.

Alexander, Abel. Daguerrotipos en la Plaza de Mayo. Catalogue of the exhibition at Banco Nacion June-July 1988. Description of 137 daguerreotypes from museums and private collections. 22 p 10 illust. Buenos Aires, 1988

Brandi, Hilda & Gomez, Juan. 3º Exposición Nacional de daguerrotipos, ambrotipos y melanotipos. Catalogue of the exhibition at Museo Pampeano Oct-Nov 1986. 8 p 5 illust. Dirección de Cultura, Chascomús, 1986

Cuarterolo, Miguel & Casaballe, Amado. Imágenes del Rio de la Plata, crónica de la fotografía rioplatense 1840-1940. Covers the work of native & non-native photographers working in the Rio de la Plata area 1840-1940, Appendices, includes glossary & biographies. 95 p, full illust. 2º Edición Buenos Aires, 1985.

Cuarterolo, Miguel & Petrina, Alberto. Fotos Antes de las Fotos, daguerrotipos en el sur de América. Catalogue of the exhibition at the Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Aug-Sept 1996. 24 p. 65 illust. Description of over 500 daguerreotypes from private and public collections. Foto Club Buenos Aires, 1996.

Gesualdo, Vicente. Historia de la Fotografia en América, desde Alaska hasta Tierra del Fuego.Overview of the history of photography in all the americans countries. Biographies of the most famous daguerreotypists active in Latin America. 312 p. fully illust. Editorial Sui Generis, Buenos Aires, 1990

Gomez, Juan. La fotografia en la argentina su historia y evolucion en el siglo XIX. Buenos Aires, 1986. History with significant illustrations from all media. 180 pages. Abadia Editora Buenos Aires, 1986

Piñeiro, Gabriel. Los daguerrotipos del Museo Saavedra. Catalogue of the exhibition August 1996. 8 p, 1 ilust.

Julio, F. Riobó. Primera Exposición de Daguerrotipos, Fotografías sobre vidrio y fotografías sobre metal.Catalogue of the exhibition at Museo Pampeano of Chascomús, October 1942, 31 p.

Julio, F. Riobó. Primera Exposición de Daguerrotipos, Fotografías sobre vidrio y fotografías sobre metal,Catalogue of the exhibition at Museo Pampeano of Chascomús, October 1942, Second edition, Buenos Aires 1950, 43 p illus

Julio, F. Riobó. La Daguerrotipia y los daguerrotipos, crónica de un coleccionista. First history of daguerrotypes in Argentina written by the first photohistorian and collector in this nation. Buenos Aires 1949, 50 p illus.

Mario, César Gras. El Pintor Gras y la iconografía histórica Sud Americana, Chapter IX: Excellent biography of French painter and daguerrotipist Amadeo Gras active in Argentina and Uruguay. pp 131-153. Reproduction of plates taken by Grass and printed in L'Illustration of Paris in 1848. Librería El Ateneo Buenos Aires 1946.

Manuel, Mujica Láinez. Exposición de daguerrotipos y fotografías en vidrio, Catalogue of over 600 daguerreotypes from public and private collections exhibited at Witcomb Gallery in August 1944. Ed. Peuser, Buenos Aires, 1944.

(End of new listing of Argentine titles)

Alexander, Abel. Las primeras exposiciones de daguerreotipos en la Argentina. (Buenos Aires: offprint from Boletin el Instituto Bonaerense de Numismatica y Antiguedades, 1989.) History of exhibitions of Argentinean daguerreotypes since 1845.

Alexander, Abel, and Juan Gomez. Museo Pompeano: 3ra. exposicion nacional de daguerrotipos, ambrotipos, y melanotipos. (Chascomus: Museo Pampeano, 1986.) Brochure with four illustrations.

Banco de la Nacion Argentina. Daguerreatipos en la Plaza de Mayo. n.p.; (Banco de la Nacion, 1988.) Catalogue of an exhibition with three illustrations.

Barchatova, Yelena. A Portrait of Tsarist Russia: Unknown Photographs from the Soviet Archives. (New York: Pantheon, 1989.) Though not exclusively about the daguerreotype, sixteen of these extremely rare images are reproduced along with information on the Russian daguerreotype.

Bechetti, Piero, and Carlo Pietrangeli. Roma in Dagherrotipia. (Rome: Edizioni Quasar, 1979.) One of the great books on the daguerreotype, with page after page of treasures, including one of the greatest of scenic daguerreotypes, Lorenzo Suscipj's view of the Piazza del Popolo.

Breguet, Elizabeth. 100 Ans de photographic chez les Vaudois, 1839-1939. (Lausanne & Paris, 1981.) History of photography in this area of Switzerland.

Brochet, Pierre. As Primeiras Fotografias de Macau e Cantao.(Macao: Edicao da Comissao Organizadora, 1990.) A trilingual (Portuguese, Chinese, French) study of Itier's daguerreotypes of China with many illustrations.

Carey, Brian, "An Imperial Gift." History of Photography 10, #2 (April-June 1986), pp. 147-149. On a most amazing daguerreotype by Thomas Coffin Doane of children in symbolic dress.

Carey, Brian. "Daguerreotypes in the National Archives of Canada." History of Photography 12, #1 (Jan-March 1988), 45--60. Excellent article with thirteen daguerreotypes reproduced.

Casanovia, Rosa, and Olivier Debroise. Sobre la Superficie Brunida de un Espejo: Fotografos del Siglo XIX. (Mexico City: Fondo de Cultura Economica, 1989.) Important study with lavish reproductions, many of which are of the most astoundingly ugly ambrotypes I've ever seen.

Constantini, Paolo, and Italio Zannier. I Dagherrotipi della Collezione Ruskin. (Florence & Venice: Alinari & Arsenale, 1986.) Reproduces over one hundred daguerreotypes of Italy and Switzerland from the collection of nineteenth century art critic John Ruskin.

Coppens, Jan. En camera vol stilte: Nederland in hat begin van de fotografie, 1839-1875.(Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, 1976.) Many illustrations on the development of photography in the Netherlands.

Fontanella, Lee. La historia de la Fotografia en Espana desede sus origenes hasta 1900. (Madrid: El Viso, 1981.) This is one of the most beautiful of photographic books. The second chapter deals with the Spanish daguerreotype and includes many stunning color reproductions.

Gill, Arthur T. "Wolcott's Camera in England and the Bromine-Iodine Process." History of Photography 1, #3 (July 1977), pp. 215-220. Interesting information on a variety of daguerreian matters and daguerreotypists in England.

Gomez, Juan. La Fotografia en la Argentina: Su historia y evolucion en el siglo XIX, 1840-1899. (Buenos Aires, 1986.)

Greenhill, Ralph, and Andrew Birrell. Canadian Photography, 1839-1920. (Toronto: Coach House, 1979.) The standard work on Canadian photography with fine text and eight daguerreotypes reproduced.

Heathcote, Bernard & Pauline. "Richard Beard: an Ingenious and Enterprising Patentee." History of Photography 3, #4 (October 1979), pp. 313-329. Highly important, major study.

Heathcote, Pauline. "The First Ten Years of the Daguerreotype in Nottingham." History of Photography 2, #4 (Oct. 1978), 315-324.

Henisch, H.K., ed. "Early Photography in Eastern Europe." History of Photography 1, #1-4, 2, #1-2. A highly important, well-documented series of twelve articles on one of the least well-known aspects of photographic history, all but the ones on Latvia, Georgia, and Bulgaria containing valuable information on the daguerreotype: Juliusz Garztecki, "Poland" (Vol. 1, #1, Jan. 1977), pp. 39-62; C. Savulescu, "Romania" (Vol. 1, #1), pp. 63-77; Sven Hirn, "Finland" (Vol. 1, #2, April 1977), pp. 135-152, with several fine reproductions; Nada Grcevic, "Croatia" (Vol. 1, #2), pp. 153-167; V. Juodakis, "Lithuania" (Vol. 1, #3, July 1977), pp. 235-247; K. Teder, "Estonia" (Vol. 1, #3), pp. 249-268; S. Morozov, "Russia" (Vol. 1, #4, Oct. 1977), pp. 327-347, information on the daguerreotype is disappointingly limited even though this is the work of the leading Soviet scholar; Karoly Karlovits, "Hungary" (Vol. 2, #1, Jan. 1978), pp. 53-74; R. Skopec, "Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia" (Vol. 2, #2, April 1978), pp. 141-153, containing several wonderful daguerreotypes.

Heyert, Elizabeth. The Glass-House Years: Victorian Portrait Photography, 1839-1870.(Montclair & London: Allanheld & Schram/George Prior, 1979.) A good text with quite a few reproductions.

Howarth-Loomes, B.E.C. Victorian Photography. (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1974.) Includes a chapter on the daguerreotype and reproduces many found nowhere else.

Joseph, Steven F., and Tristan Schwilden. Un Cadeau a 1'Europe: Naissance de la photographic en Belguque. n.p.: Credit Communal (Extrait du Bulletin trimestriel du Credit Communal de Belgique, #168), April 1989. Excellent, well-researched and well-illustration twenty-two page brochure on the birth of photography in Belgium, published on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first photograph in Belgium on 16 September 1839.

Leijerzapf, Ingeborg. Fotografie in Nederland, 18391920 (The Hague: Staatsuitgeverij, 1978.) Traces the development of photography in the Netherlands.

McElroy, Keith. Early Peruvian Photography. (Ann Arbor: UMI Research Press, 1985.) Includes a chapter on the daguerreotype with reproductions of several daguerreotypes by B.F. Pease and others.

Makarius, Sarneer. Daguerre y la temprana fotografia en la Argentina. (Buenos Aires: Fotohistoria Argentina, 1988.) On daguerreotypes of Buenos Aires by Antonia Pozzo and American daguerreotypist Charles Fredericks.

Moeshart, Herman. "Daguerreotypes by Adolph Schaefer." History of Photography 9, #3 (July-September 1985), pp. 211-218. Extremely important article with fifteen daguerreotypes of Javanese antiquities reproduced.

Mossakowska, Wanda.Dagerotypy w zbiorach polskich.(Warsaw: Ossolineum, 1989.) A catalogue of the 442 known daguerreotypes in Poland by a variety of artists, Polish, French, German, U.S., etc., some wonderful images but not very well reproduced, with English summary.

Museum voor Volkenkunde.Toekang Potret: 100 Jaar fotografie in Nederlands Indie, 1839-1939. (Amsterdam & Rotterdam: Museum voor Volkenkunde, 1989.) History of photography in the Dutch East Indies; Dutch and English text.

Ochsner, Bjorn. Fotografiet i Danmark, 1840-1940.(Copenhagen: Forening for Boghaandvaerk, 1974.) The standard history of Danish photography.

Perret, Rene. Frappante Aehnlichkeit. (Brugy: BEA, 1991.) Beautiful book on early Swiss photography with some of the best daguerreotype reproductions I've ever seen.

Reynolds, Leonie, and Arthur Gill. "The Mayall Story." History of Photography 9, #2 (April-June 1985), pp. 89-107. Excellent, well-researched study of pioneer English daguerreotypist John Jabez Mayall.

Romer, Grant. "Near the Temple at Yokushen." Image 29, #2 (August 1986). Fascinating essay on a daguerreotype of a Japanese cemetery; entire issue devoted to the article.

Serrano, Eduardo. Historia de la fotografia en Columbia. (Bogota: Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogota, 1983.) History of photography in Columbia from 1840-1950 with list of Columbian photographers.

Soderberg, Rolf, and Par Rittsel.Dem svenska fotografins historian 1840-1940.(Stockholm: Bonnier Fakta, 1993.) Wonderful reproductions, including von Schneidau's 1849 Chicago flood.

Wood, R. Derek. "The Daguerreotype in England: Some Primary Material Relating to Beard's Lawsuits." History of Photography 3, #4 (October 1979), pp. 305-309.

Wood, R. Derek. "The Daguerreotype Patent, The British Government, and the Royal Society." History of Photography 4, #1 (January 1980), pp. 53-59. Excellent article with reproduction of whole plate English scene.

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