Wood: The French Daguerreotype

Adamson, Keith I.P. "1839-The Year of Daguerre." History of Photography 13, #3 (July-September 1989), pp. 191-202. An amazingly well-documented, thoroughly researched delineation of the events from Arago's 7 Jan announcement to Gouraud's November arrival in New York.

Bibliotheque Nationale. Daguerre et les premiers daguerreotypes francais. (Paris, 1961.) Contains a short introduction by Jean Adhemar and Beaumont Newhall. No illustrations, but valuable information and descriptions of images in the exhibition.

Buerger, Janet. French Daguerreotypes. (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, 1989.) A major work on the daguerreotype filled with wonderful illustrations and a brilliant concluding chapter which deserves the attention of all photographic historians.

Chereau, Bernard, Jacques Py, and Jean Bergeret. E. Bacot, A de Brebisson, A. Humbert de Molard: Trois photographes en Basse-Normandie au X1Xe siecle.(Caen: Ardi, 1989.) Beautiful book with incredible Humbert de Molard daguerreotypes, most previously unpublished; most amazing is a beautiful, painterly sick bed scene that anticipates and surpasses Robinson's "Fading Away"; also interesting is a variant of an image in Richter's Art of the Daguerreotype.

de Decker Heftler, Sylviane. "Etude: Le Nu en France au XIXe Siecle." Photographies #6 (December 1984), pp. 48-75. Excellent well-documented essay with eleven daguerreotypes reproduced.

Dieuzaide, Jean. Daguerreotypes et calotypes dans la region.(Toulouse: Galerie Municipale du Chateau d'Eau, 1989.) Excellent exhibition catalogue with twelve daguerreotypes reproduced including three great scenes.

Frizot, Michel, et al. 1839 La Photographie Revelee. (Paris: Centre National de la Photographie et Archives Nationales, 1989.) Exhibition catalogue with excellent illustrations and discussion of Daguerre and the other inventors.

Gimon, Gilbert. "Jules Itier, Daguerreotypist." History of Photography 5, #3 (July 1981),225-244. A major article of great importance. Also see Brochet in section V.

Heilbrun, Francoise, and Philippe Neagu. Musee d'Orsay: Chefs-d'oeuvre de la collection photographique. (Paris: Philippe Sers, 1986.) A stunning book with twenty-two daguerreotypes, including previously unpublished works of Baron Gros, Itier, Humbert de Molard, Millet, Feuardent, etc.

Kravets, T.P., ed. Dokumnety po istoii izobreteniia fotografi. (New York; Arno, 1979.) Reprint of the 1949 Moscow edition of "documents on the history of photography" recording the correspondence of Niepce and Daguerre preserved in the Soviet Union; text in French and Russian.

Lobioy, Martine. Les Miroirs qui se souviennent.- Daguerreotypes d'hier et d'aujourd'hui et autres procedes photographiques.(Cormeilles-en-Parisis: Syros, 1987.) Catalogue from an exhibition in honor of the bicentennial of Daguerre's birth with twenty-seven daguerreotypes, including nine by Daguerre, three in color by contemporary daguerreotypist Patrick Bailly-Maitre-Grand, etc.; an important work.

Mentienne, Adrien. La Decouverte de la photographic en 1839. (New York: Arno, 1979.) Reprint of the 1892 edition of documents dealing with the invention of photography.

Morand, Sylvain, and Christian Kempf. Le Temps Suspendu: Le daguerreotype en Alsace au XIXe siecle. (Strasbourg: Editions Oberlin, 1989.) A beautiful book illustrating 117 daguerreotypes (fifty-four in color), portraits and wonderful scenes; excellent essay and fine, useful bibliography.

Nazarieff, Serge. Le Nu Stereoscopique. (Paris: Filipacchi, 1985.) Reproduces over seventy stereoscopic daguerreotypes.

Reynaud, Francoise. Paris et le Daguerreotype. (Paris: Paris Musees, 1989.) Probably the single greatest of all books on the daguerreotype, a lavish, brilliant production and a must for all students of the daguerreotype; excellent color reproductions of some of the most wonderful of daguerreotypes, fine scholarly notes, extremely important bibliography, and essays by Susan Barger, Jean-Louis Bigourdan, Anne Cartier-Bresson, Ida Haugsted, Shelley Rice, Grant Romer, and Reynaud; an artistic and scholarly monument.

Scheid, Uwe. Akademien: Erotik & Pornographie in der Daguerreotypie.(Uberherm/Saar: Kabinett, 1991.) A note and 30 magnificent color illustrations in a book shaped like a sixth plate case.

Wick, Rainer, ed. Die Erotische Daguerreotypie: Samm1ung Uwe Scheid. (Weingarten, 1989.) Over one hundred fine color reproductions of erotic daguerreotypes from the collection of Uwe Scheid, with an important essay by Grant Romer; a major work and quite beautiful.

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