Wood: The German and Austrian Daguerreotype

Cornwall, James. Die Fruhzeit der Photographie in Deutschland, 1839-1869.(Herrsching/Ammersee: Verlag fur Wirtschaft und Industrie, 1979.) A study of early German photography with many illustrations.

von Dewitz, Bodo, and Fritz Kempe. Daguerreotypien.(Hamburg: Museum fur Kunst and Gewerbe, 1983.) A well-illustrated catalogue of one of the great public collections, many Stelzner and Biow images.

von Dewitz, Bodo, and Reinhard Matz. Silber und Sa1z: Zur Fruhzeit der Photographie im deutschen Sprachraum 1839-1860. (Koln: Edition Braus, 1989.) One of the finest of books on the daguerreotype and early photography, with many fine color illustrations and English summaries; also includes some "unusual" erotica.

Frank, Hans. Vom Zauber alter Licht-Bilder: Fruhe Photographie in Osterreich, 1840-1860.(Vienna: Molden Edition, 1981.) The standard history of early photography in Austria, with many illustrations and a seventeen page listing of Austrian photographers of the 'forties and 'fifties. This book is difficult enough to locate, but it includes a bibliography with several highly intriguing but impossible (?) to locate histories from Poland, Yugoslavia, etc. Frank does have a short eight page essay on early Austrian photography in the standard Geschichte der Fotografie in Osterreich (Bad Ischl, 1983), and there are several fine reproductions of daguerreotypes.

Geiges, Leif. T Schneider & Sohne 1847-1921. (Freiburg: Schillinger, 1989.) One of the most stunningly beautiful of books on the daguerreotype, with many excellent color reproductions including sixty-one fabulous stereo daguerreotypes mainly out of doors from Germany and Russia; fine daguerreian equipment and coloring set also illustrated; a most important major study.

Hoerner, Ludwig. Photographie und Photographen in Hannover und Hildesheim. (Hannover, 1989.) History of photography in Hannover and Hildesheim from 1839-1920.

Hoerner, Ludwig. "Photohistorica Gottingensis." History of Photography 6, #1 (January 1982), pp. 59-75. Important article dealing with the daguerreotype in Gottingen, fourteen daguerreotypes by Philipp Petri reproduced, excellent bibliography.

Jakob, Volker. Menschen in Silberspiegel: Die Anfange der Fotografie in Westfalen.(Greven: Eggenkamp Verlag, 1989.) A history of early photography in Westphalia with many daguerreotypes illustrated.

Kempe, Fritz. Daguerreotypie in Deutschland. (Seebruck: Herring Verlag, 1979.) The standard book on the German daguerreotype, a major study with many fine illustrations; a must for all serious students of the daguerreotype.

Kunstreich, Jan. Fruhe Photographen in Schleswig-Holstein. (Heide in Holstein: Kleine Schleswig-Holstein-Bucher, 1895.) History of photography in Schleswig-Holstein with illustrations of J.W. Pero daguerreotypes.

Siener, Joachim. Die Photographie und Stuttgart, 1839-1900. (Stuttgart, 1989.) Catalogue of an exhibition on the development of photography in Stuttgart.

Sobieszek, Robert, ed. The Daguerreotype in Germany.(New York: Arno, 1979.) A reprint of two important early works: Wilhelm Dost's Die Daguerreotypie in Berlin, 1839-1860 (1922) and Wilhelm Weimar's Die Daguerreotypie in Hamburg, 1839-1860 (1915), as well as Cephir's short Daguerreotypen-Krieg in Hamburg (1843).

Stenger, Erich. Die Photographie in Munchen, 1839-1860. (Berlin, 1939.) Another important early study.

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