Virtual Trade Fair for Dealers

Thank you for participating in The Daguerreian Society's 2020 Virtual Trade Fair!

First Things First

You are likely to want to return to this page, whether to add more items to your gallery or to amend your dealer information.

Please either bookmark the page or copy its URL to somewhere you can find it again. The URL of this page is


Submitting Info about Yourself

If you haven't done so already, please submit this Dealer Form to tell us what you'd like to say about your Trade Fair gallery.

If you need to correct any information submitted in an earlier Dealer Form, just submit a new copy.

Submitting Items for your Gallery

When you are ready to submit the descriptions and images for items in your gallery, use this Item Submission Form. We support descriptions up to 2000 characters in length per item, so you don't need to keep it short.

You normally will fill in the form once per image. If you need to correct information in a previously-submitted form, submit a new copy including images and all information. We will replace the old response with the new one.

You do not have to submit all your items at the same time.

When submitting images via the Item Submission Form, be sure to follow the guidelines for submitted images. Images should be

  • in JPG or PNG format
  • of width no more than 1100 pixels
  • of size no greater than 1.5MB

Do not supply images that you do not have rights to share, or that contain material that would make them illegal to display.

Other Housekeeping

If you have any questions, please contact

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