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Daguerreian Annual Tables of Contents

2021 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Unwilling Portraits: A Glimpse into the St. Louis Rogues' Gallery — Shayne Davidson

A Time of Discovery: The Isaac Hayes 1860-1861 Polar Expedition — Leonard A. Walle

Myron Kimball
— Jeremy Rowe

A Lewis Carroll and Julia Margaret Cameron Album, including Miscellaneous Cartes
— David Holcomb

Scratching the Surface, Part II: Some Thoughts on the Signed Daguerreotype
— Glenn Willumson

Zoar: Ohio's Plaee of Religious Refuge (and Communism)
— Wm. B. Becker

Horne & Thornthwaite and Early Stereoscopic Dry Plate Cameras
— Jeremy Rowe

Pathfinder: The Visual Journey of Antonio Schranz
— David R. Hanlon

Patents for Thermoplastic Wall Frames
— Paul K. Berg

Gustavus W. Pach: A Nineteenth-Century New Jersey Photographer
— Gary D. Saretzky

Pondering the Association of Samuel Peck and Holmes, Booth & Haydens
— Paul K. Berg

Horology in Photography: Timekeeping and Timekeepers in Photographs
— Bob Frishman

— Mike Medhurst

2019-20 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Twenty-Five Years of Daguerreian-Era Images at Cowan's
— C. Wesley Cowan

He Would Have Been Burned as as Sorcerer
— Karin J. Bohleke

The Moon, 6 August 1851
— M. Susan Barger

A Bridge Between Cultures
— Wm. B. Becker

All the Latest Improvements
— David R. Hanlon

My Journey with the Daguerreotype
— Hengli Ge

Robert Cornelius: An Unknown Sitter Identified
— Bernard Hildebrandt

The Case of the Empty Chair
— Mark Koenigsberg

Nathan Parker's War of Words with Isaac Rehn
— Pamela C. Powell

The Perplexing Plates of Girault de Prangey
— Ariadna and Grant Romer

An Early Presidential Rally
— Joe Bauman

Early Photographic Headstones of Maine
— Elliot Adrian Conte

Pioneering Daguerreian and Photographic Collector Albert Raborn Phillips Jr.
— Jeremy Rowe

Warranted to Give Satisfaction: Daguerreotypes by Jeremiah Gurney
— Ann M. Shumard

Homage to a Daguerreian Artist, Irving Pobboravsky
— Leonard A. Walle

Irving Pobboravsky
— Mike Robinson

A Few Thoughts about Researching a Carte-de-Visite
— Jeremy Rowe

Scratching the Surface: The Artist-Signed Daguerreotype
— Glenn Willumson

Frederick Birkhill and a Teacher with Her Students
— Leonard A. Walle

The Robert Cornelius Project
— Rachel K. Wetzel

Then and Now: Searching for Gold Rush Daguerreotype Camera Locations
— Bob Zeller


2017-18 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Collecting Early Photography for The National Portrait Gallery
— Ann M. Shumard

Portraits and Headshots of Edwin Booth
— Barbara Cohen-Stratyner

The Price of Magic: The Arrival of the Daguerreotype in St. Louis
— David R. Hanlon

George Foster Emmons and the Emmons Daguerreotypes
— Jeremy Rowe

From Newark to New Zealand: Frank R. Huff, Photographer
— Gary D. Saretzky

Of Comets and Meteors
— Jane Turano-Thompson

Moon on a Silver Plate
— Jan K. Herman

Isaac Daniels, The Starving Revolutionary Veteran
— Joe Bauman

Photographing Revolutionary War Veterans
— Joe Bauman

The Beakerel Process: Sensitizing Daguerreotypes Without Fuming
— John R. Hurlock

A Twin Paradox
— Mike Robinson and Edward P. Vicenzi

A Forgotten Daguerreotype: The Path To Discovery
— Leonard A. Walle

The Stratton Mountain Tragedy
— Richard Alan Wood

Martin Van Buren by William & Frederick Langenheim: A Hyalotype, circa 1851
— Wm. B. Becker

Portrait of the Locomotive Tioga
— Arthur Krim

Bowery Daguerreotypists
— Jeremy Rowe

Origin of the Design of the Voyage of Life Series of Thermoplastic Cases
— Paul K. Berg

A Tale of Two Collectors
— Sean William Nolan

Pioneer Collector Julian Wolff
— Jeremy Rowe, et al.

Irv Pobboravsky: A Memorial
— Fiona Christie


2016 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Topaz The Portrait Painter: 19th-Century French Political Satire and the Daguerreotype
— Leonard A. Walle

A Connecticut Yankee Chronicle: Epaphras Hoyt and His Camera Obscura
—Nicholas M. Graver

Past Was Prologue: Ruminations of a Practical Daguerreotypist
— Jerry Spagnoli

A Swiss Homecoming: Charles Gleyre’s The Romans Passing Under the Yoke in Daguerreotype
— Steven F. Joseph

Brass Tacks: The Impact of Scovill Brass on Early Photography
— Jeremy Rowe

The Daguerreotype and the 1851 Great Exhibition
— Anthony Hamber

Unearthing the Daguerreotype: A Scientific Study
— Patrick Ravines and Rob McElroy

The Flip Side of CDVs
— Richard Sheaff

E. C. Hawkins: History of a Photographic Pioneer
— David R. Hanlon

Signor Blitz: The Master of Magic
— Russell Norton

Bounty from the Bowery: August Obermüller and the Marketing of Early American Tattoo Culture
— Margaret Hodges, Derin Bray, and Carmen Forquer-Nyssen

“In Camp” with Artists
— Leonard A. Walle

Reflections in a Mirrored Eyes
— Binh Danh

Of Plates and Pirates: The Mystery of a Man with a Skull
— Michael G. Jacob

The One that (Almost) Got Away: A 38-Year Odyssey
— Jeremy Rowe

A Fascinating Daguerreian Broadside
— Nicholas M. Graver

Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

2015 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Through the Looking Glass: A Portfolio From the Collection of Michael Mattis and Judith Hochberg

Herman Haupt's truss bridge and model
— Mark S. Johnson

Herman Haupt's "Reminiscences of Early History of the PA Railroad Co."
— Edited by Jonathan W. White

It Was Not Supposed to Turn Out This Way: Sewing and Fitting Errors as Indicators of Social Class
— Karin J. Bohleke, Ph.D.

Pen and Camera: An Enduring Partnership
— Joe Bauman

First American Daguerreian Instruction Manual — U.S. Photographic Institute, Boston, 1841, John Plumbe, Jr.
— Clifford Krainik

Robert Munroe, Allegheny City's Premier Operator; 1854-1859
— Thomas M. Weprich

Henry Fitz, Jr: A Portfolio of Open Research
— Edited by Mark S. Johnson

Silver Image
— Robert Caldwell

Identifying Stages of Grief in Nineteenth-Century Images
— Karin J. Bohleke, Ph.D.

Lincoln and the Lockwoods
— Joe Bauman

Early New Zealand Daguerreotypes
— Shaun Higgins

Jeffery by Finley
— Nicholas M. Graver

Portfolio of Members' Favorite Daguerreotypes

2014 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Assimilation, Amalgamation and Defiance: The "Admirable Figure of the Negro" and African American Dress in Daguerreotypes and Early Images

— Karin J. Bohleke, Ph.D.

The California Gold Rush: Approaches to Producing Daguerreotype Views: An Examination of Views from the Matthew R. Isenburg Collection at the Archive of Modern Conflict, Toronto
— Marcos R. Armstrong

George S. Cook, Itinerant Daguerreotypist in Georgia, 1848-1850
— E. Lee Eltzroth

Early Boston Photography: Charles E. & Luther Holman Hale — Brothers in the Art of Daguerre
— Ron Polito

From Indian Territory to the Kingdom of Hawaii: Souvenirs of a Nineteenth Century Missionary
— John A. Monroe

"Man's Perfect Image and Identity": Notes on an Early Daguerreotype of Henry Fitz, Jr.
— Wm. B. Becker

A Lasting Touch: Corporeal Affect and the Photograph in Nineteenth-Century America
— Dr. Sarah M. Iepson

Put on Your Polka; It's Cold Outside!
— Karin J. Bohleke

Saved from the Dump
— Susan D. Abele

Portfolio of Members' Favorite Daguerreotypes

2013 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Daguerre's Dioramas and "HTL" and "Vue Par Transparence" Postcards

— William R. Alschuler

Sterling C. McIntyre's Panoramic Views of San Francisco
— Mike Robinson

  • Conservation of the Panorama
  • Portsmouth Square and Great Conflagrations

The Brady-Brown Connection and other Signed-in-the-Image Daguerreotypes
—Mark Koenigsberg

The Van Loans: American Daguerreotypists
— Rebecca Norris

The Collins Ledgers — An American Antiquarian Society Treasure-Trove
— Rebecca Norris

My Grandmother's Brooch
— Karin J. Bohleke

Thomas Lincoln Casey (1831-1896)
— Wm. B. Becker

Sarah Porter, A Gothic Story
— Kerry Philpott

Close But No Seegar
— Joe Bauman

Daguerreotypes in Duplicate: A Survey of Copy Photography
— Erin Waters

Two Gems from the State Library and Archives of Florida
— Jon Grandage, Archives Historian & Joanna Norman, Archives Supervisor

The Fillmore Lockets
— Alan Johanson

Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

2012 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Scenes from the Isenburg Collection at AMC Toronto
— A Daguerreian Annual Portfolio

Moses Warren & the Quinebaug Gold Company
— Mark S. Johnson

The Itinerant Daguerreotypist: A Case Study in Pre-Unified Northern Italy
— Gabriella Bologna and Ken Jacobson

Western Daguerreian Adventures: or Record-Breaking Procrastination
— Eric Rickart

The Silver Plate & The Paper Trail
— Wm. B. Becker

All That Remains: Tracking a Pioneer Daguerreian
— Greg Drake

Dog Gone: Man's Best Friend and the Daguerreotype
— Gary Bart

William Walker: Nothing as it Seems
— Paul Bolcik

Sleuthing the "Ordinary" Daguerreotype
— Alan Johanson

Niepce's pre-1833 Photographic Images Analyzed
— Dusan C. Stulik & Art Kaplan

Portfolio of Members' Favorite Daguerreotypes
— A Daguerreian Annual Portfolio

2011 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

The Floyd & Marion Rinhart Collection at the Ohio State University

  • A Portfolio of "Details"
  • Floyd & Marion Rinhart: Pioneer Historians
    of Photography

    — Mary Sayer Hammond
  • A Portfolio of Costume
    — Joan Severa
  • Herr Driesbach, Lord of the Brute Creation
    — Stuart Thayer
  • A Selection of Daguerreotypes

The Mysterious "Madame Whernert" Exposed
— Clifford & Michele Krainik

Backgrounds in Daguerreotypes: Part II
— Remembering Joan Murray, by Dennis Waters

A White Slave Girl "Mulatto Raised by Charles Sumner"
— Joan Gage

Henry Clay Yields Senate Floor to Benton
— Clifford & Michele Krainik

Visionary Company: A Collector's Look at Eight Modern Daguerreotypists
— Craig Schneider

John William Draper's Experiments in Light, Photography, and Photolithography
— Gregory A. Wickliff, Ph.D.

Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

2009-2010 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

The Face of America: Early Photographic Portraits from the Collections of George and Susan Whiteley

— George & Susan Whiteley

More from the Gold Fields: The Gulick Brothers
— Jane L. Aspinwall

Engraved Portraits from Daguerreotypes Published in The American Whig Review, 1845-1852
— Clifford and Michele Krainik

A Secret Society Exposed: Daguerreotypes of American Odd Fellows
— Michael P. Musick

L.E.D. Daguerre: Becquerel Development of Daguerreotypes with LEDs
— John Hurlock

L’Omnibus Pittoresco Naples, 2 November, 1843
— Translated by Michael G. Jacob

A Remoistenable Adhesive Paper for Binding Daguerreotype Plate Packages
— Jiuan-Jiuan Chen

Our Twelfth Annual Special Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

2008 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

In Living Color: Process and Materials of the Hand Colored Daguerreotype

— Sara H. Ferguson

Ray Phillips: From Photographs to Phonographs
— René Rondeau

Engraved Portraits from Daguerreotypes Published in The United States Magazine and Democratic Review, 1842-1857
— Clifford and Michele Krainik

Found Treasure: The Bond & Mollyneaux California Daguerreotype
— Jane L. Aspinwall

Theodore Brunell “Photographer Royal”
— Richard Samways

Samuel F. B. Morse’s Daguerreotype Practice
— Sarah Kate Gillespie

Hiram W. Hayden and the Brass Mat for Daguerreotype Cases
— Paul K. Berg

Three Texts from Glances at the Metropolis: A Hundred Illustrated Gems
— Gary W. Ewer

Emanuel von Friedrichsthal — The First Daguerreotypist in Yucatán
— Ulla Fischer-Westhauser

Catching a Shadow: Daguerreotypes in Philadelphia, 1839-1860. Selections from an Exhibition at the Library Company of Philadelphia
— Sarah J Weatherwax

Historic Ohio Daguerreotype Identified Oberlin College and Town
— Paul K. Berg

Our Eleventh Annual Special Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

2007 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

The Southworth and Hawes Studio:

A Virtual Tour of their Operating Room
— Mike Robinson

Photographing Niagra
— Clayton Lewis

A “Dark Horse” in Sunlight and Shadow:
Daguerreotypes of President James K. Polk

— Clifford Krainik

Kingston Daguerreotype Returns to Canada
— Robert Lansdale, assisted by Jennifer McKendry

Henry Earle Insley: Artist and Entrepreneur
— Jane L. Aspinwall

Richard Beard’s Scottish and Irish Patents, and the Development of the Daguerreotype in Those Countries
— John Hannavy

“This My Likeness”: The Facts in the Case of the Notorious Dr. R. H. Collyer
— Bernhard Hildebrandt

“Photographic Phenomena” in George Cruikshank’s Omnibus
— Gary W. Ewer

Our Tenth Annual, Special Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

PATRIOTS: The Lives and Looks of Eight American Revolutionaries
— Joseph M. Bauman

The Making of a History: The Origins of American Photography
— Keith F. Davis

Discovered: An Unknown Brady Portrait of President James K. Polk and Members of His Cabinet
— Clifford Krainik

First to the Great West
— R. Bruce Duncan

Modern Reproductions and Replicas of Daguerreian Cases
— Paul K. Berg

Restoration of the Daguerre Diorama in the Church of Bry-sur-Marne, France. 2006-2010 Project
— Jean-Pierre Spilbauer

2006 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Images from Melbourne’s Past

— Alan Elliott

A Selection of Daguerreotypes from The Pencil of Nature
— The Society’s 2006 Symposium Exhibition

The Eye Perfected: The Daguerreotypes of T. P. and D. C. Collins
— Rebecca Norris

A Daguerreotype, a Braided Lovelock, and a Billet-Doux
— Robert E. Haines

“Ultimate Success is Certain”:
The Life and Art of Samuel A. Bemis

— Robert W. Bermudes, Jr.

Library of Congress Feature, “L. J. Phillips Daguerreian Rooms”

The Emergence of Commercial Photography in Boston: 1840-1841
— Ron Polito

“It Seems An Age Since I Left Home”:
The Letters of N. D. Stanwood

— David Petruzelli

Light Through the Smoke:
A Short Discussion of Pittsburgh Daguerreotypists

— Thomas M. Weprich

A Special Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

2005 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolio:

Images of Colonial Empire: British Military Daguerreotypes
Part 1: The British Sea Services

— Dr. William J. Schultz

Table of Contents

Daguerreotypes of the Paris Exposition Universelle, 1855
— John Hannavy

One and the Same? Miss S. R. Charter, Boston’s First Female Daguerreotypist & Susan R. D. (Charter) Humphrey, Patrician’s Wife
— Ron Polito

The Day Lincoln Lied
— R. Bruce Duncan

A Special Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

The Boyden Daguerreotype Camera
One of America’s First Photographic Instruments

— O. Henry Mace

Trades in Danger of Extinction: A Portfolio from Argentina
— Carlos Darío Albornoz, translated by Andrea Cuarterolo

The Surgeon’s Mate
Revolutionary War Doctor Eneas Munson

— Joe Bauman

Fashioning Photography: The Palais Royal and Early French Studios
— Stephen Monteiro

“Each Button, Button-Hole, and Every Fold”
Dress in the American Daguerreotype Portrait

— Christina Johnson

A Family of Images:
The Shepherd Family of Oneonta Plains, New York

— Robert E. Haines

Daguerreotype Holography
— Shani Miller, Alan Elliott, Jessica Gouthro and Philip Wilksch

2004 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolio:

Exploring the American Frontier
Part I – Legacy of the Land Surveyor in the Daguerreian Era

— Dr. William J. Schultz

Table of Contents

Daguerreotypes from the Newport Historical Society Collection
— Mark S. Johnson

Australia Felix: Douglas T. Kilburn’s Daguerreotype Portraits of Australian Koories, 1847
— Dr. Isobel Crombie

Our Sixth Annual Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

Unlocking the Secret:
Hyper-sensitizing Daguerreotypes with Light

— John Hurlock

Portfolio: Images of Surveyors and Surveying Instruments
— Dr. William J. Schultz

Remarkable Legacy: Early Philadelphia Street Views
— Arthur Krim

Shot in Alabama: Daguerreotypy in a Deep South State
— Frances Robb

Checklist of Photographers and Others Associated with Photography in Alabama, 1839–1861
— Compiled by Frances Osborn Robb

Trapping Apparitions:
Daguerreotypes, Mirrors and Mementoes

— Shaun Caton

The Southworth and Hawes Daguerreotypes of Grace Greenwood, “Authoress”
— Howard and Martha Sachs

The Standard Oreo Case & the “Mini” Oreo,
a New Size in Thermoplastic Cases

— Paul K. Berg

McAllister, Crane & Co.
An 1850s Chain Store On The Emigrant Trail

— Elizabeth B. Isenburg

2002-2003 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolio:

Silver Shadows Before the Storm:
The American Military Daguerreotype
 — Dr. William J. Schultz

Table of Contents

My First Twelve Months as a Daguerreotypist
— David G. Burder

On Not Quite Reuniting a Grand Parlor Stereoscope Pair
— Kenneth E. Nelson

Sally Hewes, Female Daguerreotypist
— Sarah J. Weatherwax

The John Brown Daguerreotypes:
A leader uses his likeness for remembrance and promotion

— Jean Libby

Southern Faces:
Daguerreotypes in the Kenan Research Center Collections at the Atlanta History Center

— Michael Rose

Dentists, Teachers & Milliners:
The First Daguerreotypists in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

— Thomas M. Weprich

Our Annual Portfolio: Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

A Tale of Two Daguerreotypes
— Joe Bauman

Whipple’s Dissolving Views
A talk delivered at the Daguerreian Society Symposium

— Sally Pierce

Charles DeForest Fredricks:
A Latin-American Adventure

— Miguel Angel Cuarterolo

The History of the Daguerreotype in Brazil
— Sylvie Pénichon

Secrets of the White Chamber
— Bates Lowry

General Summary of the Daguerreotype
— A selection by M.-A. Gaudin, Translated by Stephen Monteiro

The Physautotype:
The World’s Second Photographic Process

— Jean-Louis Marigner

2001 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolio:

The Passions Series Daguerreotypes: Valentine’s Project to Know Himself
— Joe Struble

Table of Contents

Two Golden Daguerreotypes: A Research Report
— Liesbeth Ruitenberg

You Just Never Know:
The True Story Of An Unusual Daguerreian Adventure

— Joe Pollock

Frozen in Time:
Preserving the Daguerreotype Latent Image

— John Hurlock and Eric Rickart

A Special Portfolio Of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

Open for Business at 535 Broadway:
The Account Books of James Brown, New York Daguerreotypist

— Rob Rudd

"...I Had To Use One of My Bills."
— courtesy Matthew R. Isenburg

Henry Morley, Charles Dickens and the J. J. E. Mayall Studio
— John Hannavy

Letters from Mexico:
Joseph Woollens Writes Home

— Transcribed by Mark Johnson and Terry Mossop

A Special Portfolio of Daguerreotypes Produced in Mexico

Samuel Broadbent, Daguerreian Artist
— Rebecca Norris

Shoot, If You Must, This Old Gray Head
The Daguerreotype of an American Patriot

— Ross J. Kelbaugh

A Case Study: Frederick B. Smith, Herman F. Hartmann and Daguerreotype Case Diesinking in America
— Thomas Beckman

Ramona de Wilson, Beauty and Matriarch
— Leonard Olarsch

2000 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolio:

A Special Portfolio of Members' Favorite Daguerreotypes

Table of Contents

A History of the Daguerreotype in Hong Kong 1839-1880s
— Edwin K. Lai

The Light at the End of the Bromine, The Truth is Out There
— John Hurlock

Dating American Daguerreotypes, 1839-1842
— Dennis A. Waters

The Daguerreotype: Portraiture at the Dawn of Photography
— An Exhibition at Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, Pennsylvania, April 28, 2001 - November 24, 2001

The Case of Passmore Williamson
— Pamela C. Powell

Daguerreian Poetry in Naples, 1839
— Michael G. Jacobs

A Special Portfolio of
Members' Favorite Daguerreotypes
— The Daguerreian Society

Hey Kid, Don't You Collect Anything?
— Jack Billington

Doubling the Pleasure: A Portfolio of Twins
from the Collection of Philip and Leslie Gura

— Philip F. Gura

The Making of Twenty Daguerreotypes: A Chronological Account
— Michael Robinson

Mike Robinson's Nude Study
— Craig Schneider

1999 Daguerreian Society Table of Contents

Feature Portfolio:

A Special Portfolio of Members' Favorite Daguerreotypes

Table of Contents

Sun Pictures In Kalamazoo
— Richard W. Welch

The Twentieth Century's First Natural Color Daguerreotypist
— George Gilbert with illustrations provided by Joseph Boudreau and Wm. B. Becker

El Instructor (London, 1834-1845)
An Early Printed Medium for the Expansion of the Daguerreotype in Spanish-speaking Countries
— Roberto A. Ferrari and Abel J. Alexander

The Magic Mirror At Home
— Susan A. Newberry

A Daguerreian Letter 1839
One Person's Opinion Submitted
— Greg French

More than Un Beau Souvenir du Canada
— Joan M. Schwartz

An Expeditionary Daguerreotype by Solomon Carvalho
— Robert Shlaer

Man's Best Friends
— Ross J. Kelbaugh

An Interview with Jerry Spagnoli
A Contemporary Daguerreotypist
— Sarah Morthland

The Ties that Bind
Daguerreotypes and the Roberts and Thompson Families
— Sarah J. Weatherwax

Daguerreian Society Publications Ten-Year Index: 1990-1999
— The Daguerreian Annual Ten-Year Index: 1990-1999, compiled by David Cameron
— Authors who have contributed to the Daguerreian Annuals 1990-1999, compiled by David Cameron
— Daguerreian Society Newsletter Index 1990-1999, compiled by Juliet Cameron

1998 Daguerreian Society Table of Contents

Feature Portfolios:

A Special Portfolio of Members' Favorite Daguerreotypes

A Portfolio of the David Feigenbaum Collection of Southworth & Hawes
— Commentary by Mark S. Johnson, Denise Bethel, Christopher Mahoney, John Wood, Sally Pierce, and Grant Romer

Table of Contents

Dawn of the Daguerreian Era in Baltimore, 1839-1849
— Ross J. Kelbaugh

Reading Daguerreotypes
— Keith F. Davis

The Forgotten Leather and Paper Daguerreotype Case: Its Die Engravers and Manufacturers, Part Two
— Paul K. Berg, M.D.

Southworth & Hawes in The Massachusetts Register
— submitted by Gary W. Ewer

Thank You, Mr. Anderson: The Story of an Amateur Daguerreotypist
— Mark S. Johnson

on reading the daguerreian annual
— poem by Greg French

Iodine and Bromine: Part I
— Charlie Schreiner

"The Twin Daguerreotypes"
— Edward Mervin

Warming Up To Cold Mercury
— John R. Hurlock

Another Brady Case?
— Alan Johanson

Nineteenth Century Photographic Journals
— Carl L. Peterson

1997 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolios:

The American Volunteer Fireman and the Daguerreotype
Michael J. Novak

Color and the Daguerreotype
Michael G. Jacob

Table of Contents

Expression: The Soul Of The Daguerreotype
— Charles LeRoy Moore

A Daguerreotype and History by the "Carlos De Forest Fredricks & Ca." Studio
— Carlos G. Vertanessian

In Praise of Scratched Daguerreotypes: Portraits of the Whitridge Brothers
— Rebecca Norris

John Smith and England's Union Cases: A Resumé of Recent Researches
— John Hannavy

Samuel D. Humphrey, Journalist-Photographer: A New Perspective On His Contributions To American Photography
— Jane Rohrschneider

The American Volunteer Fireman and the Daguerreotype
— Michael J. Novak

"American Characteristics: The Daguerreotypist"
— Timothy Shay Arthur

A Preponderance of Evidence: The 1852 Omaha Indian Delegation Daguerreotypes Recovered
— Joanna Cohan Scherer

The Daguerreotype and John Dillwyn Llewelyn (1810—1882)
— Richard Morris

Color and the Daguerreotype: "The Great Problem is Fairly Solved..."
— Michael G. Jacob

"The Rise and Fall of the Daguerreotype"
— William H. Sherman

The Growth of Daguerreotype Image Particles, The Movie
— Joe T. Pollock and David Mahesh

The Forgotten Leather and Paper Daguerreotype Case: Its Die Engravers and Manufacturers
— Paul K. Berg, M.D.

1996 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolios:

Southern Shadows: Reflections of a Bygone Era  A Portfolio of Images Exhibited At The Atlanta History Center In Conjunction With The Daguerreian Society's 1996 Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia
Introduction by John Wood

Occupationals, Tableaux, and Narrative Daguerreotypes
Matthew R. Isenburg

Table of Contents

Otis H. Cooley: Possible Photographer of the Only Known Photograph of Emily Dickinson
— John R. Felix

Vignetted Daguerreotypes: The Evolution of an Art
— Michael G. Jacob

A Window on the Manhattan Metropolis: The Chatham Square Daguerreotype
— Arthur Krim

Fancy Daguerreian Cases
— Paul K. Berg

United States Patents Related to the Practice of Daguerreotypy
— M. Susan Barger

Heliography: The Photographic Process Invented By Nicéphore Niépce Before His Association With Daguerre. New Light on the Invention of Photography.
— Jean-Louis Marignier

Sketches of Paris
Translated from the French by Sarah Howitt

Daguerreotype Portrait
— Kayla Pobboravsky

"It Was I Who Took the First" An Investigation Into Professor Robert Taft's Assessment of Whether Dr. John William Draper Took the First Portrait
— Howard R. McManus

Copying Methods
— John A. Tennant

Rare Image Of Childhood
— Joan Murray

State of the Art: A Chronology of the Daguerreotype in the Twentieth Century
— Christopher Mahoney

"M.B. Brady, Casemaker, N.Y."
— James Wentworth Szymanski

The Charlie Schreiner Daguerreotype Saloon and Image Parlor
— Charlie Schreiner

Daguerreian Treasures at the Smithsonian Institution
— Howard R. McManus

A Thrilling Desire For Accidental Success
— Kenneth E. Nelson

Faces of Freedom: Portraits from the American Colonization Society Collection
— Carol Johnson

1995 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolios:

Silver & Gold: A Preview of Cased Images from Northern California Collections — Drew Johnson

The Collection of Southworth and Hawes Daguerreotypes at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston — Anne E. Havinga

Table of Contents

The Editor's Fuming Box
Laurie A. Baty

The Union Case in Great Britian
John Hannavy

Two Explorers on the Trail to California: Carvalho and Fremont
Andrew Rolle

Philip Haas: Lithographer, Print Publisher, and Daguerreotypist
William and Estelle Marder with Sally Pierce

Charleston & M.P. Simons
Harvey S. Teal

Noodle's Attempts at Suicide

The Voyage of Captain Lucas and the Daguerreotype to Sydney
R. Derek Wood

Roderick M., George H., and Henry Hobart Cole: Midwestern Pioneer Photographers
Jane Rohrschneider

Webster, Clay, Calhoun, and Jackson. How They Sat for Their Daguerreotypes
T. B. Thorpe

Josiah Johnson Hawes, Dies in His Ninety-Fourth Year

Silver & Gold: A Preview of Cased Images from Northern California Collections
Drew Johnson

The Pencil of Nature in Washington, DC: Daguerreotyping the President
Thomas M. Weprich

The Daguerreotype
Mrs. H.G. Gardner

A Re-identification of an African-American Portrait in the 1994 Annual
Bruce T. Erickson

"Never Give Up; It is Better to Hope than once to Despair": Providence, Rhode Island, and the Daguerreotype
Maureen Taylor

Theodore Maurisset's "Fantaisies": La Daguerreotypomanie
Gary W. Ewer

The Most Famous Daguerreian Portrait: Exploring the History of the Dorothy Catherine Draper Daguerreotype
Howard R. McManus

G.B. Goodman: Australia's First Daguerreotypist
Sandy Barrie

Farmer and Mechanic, 11 November 1847

A Contrasting Study of Three German Daguerreotypists
Hans W. Gummersbach

Who in Oslo Would Want a Picture of Theodore Parker
Sally Pierce

The Inconstant Daguerreotype

"Proud of the Result of my Labor.":Frederick DeBourg Richards (1822-1903)
Laurie A. Baty

The Collection of Southworth and Hawes Daguerreotypes at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Anne E. Havinga

". . . A Pleasant Employment for Ladies. . ."
Roger C. Watson

"Where Were You Last Night at Twelve": A Judicial Sketch
Chris Steele

1994 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolios:

A Glimpse into the Massachusetts Historical Society Daguerreotype Collection
— Chris Steele

African-American Daguerreotypes
— Matthew R. Isenburg

Table of Contents

The Editors' Fuming Box
Laurie A. Baty, Matthew R. Isenburg, John Wood

A Mammoth Plate Daguerreotype in Hawaii: The Result of a Diplomatic Indiscretion
Bruce T. Erickson

Correspondence Re: Captain Elliott
John McWilliams

If Only Alchemy Were This Easy: A Practical Method of Recovering Gold from Used Gold Toning Solution
Emily J. Bailey & Clyde H. Barlow

Notes on an Early Daguerreotype of Walt Whitman
— Denise B. Bethel

Monumental Portraits of Baltimore
Ross J. Kelbaugh

First Photographers Who Worked in Guatemala
— Enrique del Cid F., David Haynes and Birgitta B. Riera, translators

Correspondence: A Tinsmith Daguerreotype
Harvey Zucker

John Plumbe: America's First Nationally Known Photographer
Robert Taft, Cliff Krainik

Commentary on Taft
Cliff Krainik

The Jackson Family in a Daguerreotype and in a Poem
Chris Steele

My First Daguerreotype

Napoleo'n Aubanel's Stereo View of Montevideo
Miguel Angel Cuarterolo

Some Patents of Note: Early Coloring Patents
Doug Jordan

Portfolio: A Glimpse into the Massachusetts Historical Society Daguerreotype Collection
— Chris Steele

Mercury & the Daguerreotypist: A Modern Assessment
Kenneth E. Nelson

Mini-biography: Samuel Wheeler
John F. Graf

Two Early Ohio Daguerreians
Donald A. Hutslar

A Visit to Mr. Beard's
Michael G. Jacob

Art and History
Drew Heath Johnson

Portfolio: African-American Daguerreotypes
— Matthew R. Isenburg

Vance's Views in St. Louis: An Update
— Dolores Kilgo

The Sincerest Form of Flattery Again
Kenneth E. Nelson

Imitation Daguerreotypes
A. J. Jarman

Search & Research: Solving a Daguerreian Mystery
Ross J. Kelbaugh

Snelling: The Father of Photographic Journalism
A. J. Olmstead

A Case for Critchlow
Bethany and Will Ouimet

Mini-biography: Sarah L. (Judd) Eldridge
Alan Woolworth

Lines Written on Seeing a Daguerreotype Portrait of a Lady
Elizabeth Sheridan Carey

Striving for Improvement: Additions and Revisions to the 1990, 1991, & 1992 Annuals
Laurie A. Baty

Five Year Index: 1990-1994

1993 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolios:

Ten Studio Portraits of California Gold Miners — John F. Graf

William H. Rulofson "The P.T. Barnum of American Photography" — Peter E. Palmquist

Table of Contents

The Editor's Fuming Box
Peter E. Palmquist

Robert H. Vance: Pioneer of the Daguerreotype in Chile
Abel Alexander

The Man with the Nose: Or, the Jilted Volunteer
[Reprint from 1846]

Exhuming the Dead of Yerba Buena Cemetery--Interesting Particulars
[Reprint from 1846]

Woman was Houston's [Texas] First Photographer

J. Lewis Baldwin: Thermoplastic Case Manufacturer
Paul K Berg

Charles Herbert Tremear: "The Patriarch of Twentieth-Century Daguerreotypy in America"
— Dave Tinder

Brady's FOUR New York City Galleries--Not Three!
— George Gilbert

Vignette: Daguerreian Business Cards
Ken Appollo

"S.D. Allis, Vera Cruz, 1847"
— Thomas R. Kailbourn

The Daguerreotype in America [reprint from 1896] — Mrs. D.T. Davis

The Daguerreotype In America [rebuttal to Mrs. Davis, 1896] — Julius F. Sachse

The Two Daguerreotypes [reprint from 1853] — William Camp with introduction by John Wood

The Daguerreotype as a Photometer: Spanish Technical Innovations in Photography's Beginnings
Bernardo Riego

Artists & Daguerreotypists from the United States Census of 1850

Fifteen Years' Experience of a Daguerreotyper [reprint from 1889] — Alexander Beckers

Sachse, Della Porta, and the Rosicrucians: An Introduction to "The Genesis of the Camera"
Carol Lloyd Wood

The Genesis of the Camera [reprint from 1889] — Julius F. Sachse

J.F. Ryder's Ithaca Days
William L. Camp

Daguerreian Fakes, Forgeries and Hoaxes
Harvey S. Zucker

William Herman Rulofson: "The P.T. Barnum of American Photography"
— Peter E. Palmquist

Humphrey's Daguerreian Artist's Register 1850 and 1851

American Photography [A British Account from 1856] — Introduction by John Wood

American Daguerreian Darkroom Equipment Inventory
John W. Manser

The Daguerreotypes of/by Harvey Zucker
— Harvey S. Zucker

PORTFOLIO--Ten Studio Portraits of California Gold Miners
— John F. Graf

"...and Simons." Montgomery Pike Simons of Philadelphia
Laurie A. Baty

Early Equipment
Matthew Isenburg

APPENDIX--Mini Daguerreian Biographies and Chronologies

James B. Marquis
Joseph R. Palmer
William Herman Rulofson (begins p. 137)
Andrew B. Tubbs
Leland Howard Wakefield

Index of Daguerreian Names

1992 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolios:

Twelve Mexican War Portraits — John F. Graf

A 360 Degree Panorama of the City by the Golden Gate — James Caddick and Susan Schwarzenberg

Table of Contents

The Editor's Fuming Box
— Peter E. Palmquist

Oliver B. Evans: Daguerreian Artist of the Niagara Frontier
— Thomas Kailbourn and Graham Garrett

A Daguerreian Report from Down Under
— Sandy Barrie

The "Daguerreotype" [in December 1839] — Lewis Gaylord Clark

The Rinhart Collection of Photographs
— Clyde H. Dilley

Vignette: "The human face divine..."
— Anthony Trollope

PORTFOLIO--Twelve Mexican War Daguerreian Portraits
— John F. Graf

On the Use of Silvered Glass in the Daguerreotype Process
— Henry Draper, M.D.

The American Daguerre Association: Constitution and Bye-Laws as of October 15, 1851

The Diary of Tallmadge Elwell, Pioneer Daguerreotypist, 1852
— James Taylor Dunn

The Beard Photographic Franchise in England: An Overview
— Robert B. Fisher, M.D.

You May See a Stranger...
— Anonymous

Don't Forget to Check Labels for Dating Clues!
— Matthew Isenburg

A 360 degree Daguerreotype Panorama of the City by the Golden Gate
— James Caddick and Susan Schwartzenberg

"Still Taking Pictures": An Interview with Mathew Brady in April 1891
— George Alfred Townsend

Baron Frederick V. Voigtlander: A Biographical Sketch

In Search of the "Elephant"
— Matthew Isenburg

The Vexations of E.M. Wilson, Itinerant Daguerreotypist
— Jim Foster

St. Anthony Falls on Silver: A Daguerreotype Collection
— Bonnie Wilson

Raffle Wars: A Chronology of Alphonse J. Liebert in California and France
— Peter E. Palmquist

The Daguerreotype in Italy
— Mike Jacob

Miraculous Museum Find Leads to Remarkable Daguerreian Discoveries
— William and Estelle Marder

Daguerreian Images: Poetic Representation
— Patrick Cahill

An Optical Treasure-Trove in Stereo
— Alan Johanson

Daguerreotypy Meets dBase III in Boston
— Melissa K. Rombout

Daguerreotypes [an account from 1846]

Vignette: It Pays to Advertise

Vignette: Snow Geese

A Monument to Daguerre
— Cliff and Michele Krainik

APPENDIX: Mini Daguerreian Biographies and Chronologies

Thomas Bass
Edmond Daggett
Abram Parmele Hart
Lucius E. Horton
Oliver H.P. Norcross
B.W. Read
J. Ruth William
H. Shattuck

Vignette: "A Little Keepsake"

Index of Daguerreian Names

1991 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolio:

Nine Daguerreotypes of Miscellaneous Objects, Items and Things

Table of Contents

The Editor's Fuming Box
Peter E. Palmquist

Front Yard Lunar Daguerreotypy
Robert Shlaer

William Shew: A Portrait Photographer for More Than Half a Century
O.V. Lange

Daguerreotype Care for the Collector
M. Susan Barger

Vignette: I Said--SMILE!
Cliff Krainik

A Souvenir of the Portage Railroad Bridge
Wm. B. Becker

Glenalvon J. Goodridge: Black Daguerreian
Linda A. Ries

Marcus Aurelius Root: Heliographer
Clyde H. Dilley

Vignette: A Famous Rebus Mirrored
Chris Steele

Photographers of the Late 1850s: Capsule Reviews for the Photographic Journals of the Period
Ron Polito

Reflecting on Daguerre: Six Items from the Matthew Isenburg Collection
Matthew Isenburg

Anson and Edwin H. Clark: Pioneering Daguerreotypists of Western Massachusetts
Richard Bolt

PORTFOLIO--Nine Daguerreotypes of Miscellaneous Object, Items and Things

Pioneers of Photography--Jex J. Bardwell
William and Estelle Marder

A Texas Frontier Daguerreotype
Lawrence T. Jones

The Graves & Prudden Daguerreotype
Graham W. Garrett

A Second Graves & Prudden Daguerreotype
Graham W. Garrett

The Daguerreotype Plate as Seen by a Contemporary Daguerreian Artist
Irving Pobboravsky

Copying Your Daguerreotypes: A Primer
Dennis A. Waters

Poor Lamb! A Profile of Animal Trainer Isaac Van Amburgh
Mike Jacob

Art Imitates Life: A Daguerreian Satire of the Benton-Kearney Feud, 1848
Thomas Kailbourn

On the Life and Travels of C.E. Johnson: Daguerreian
William L. Camp

The Alchemy of Research: How to Turn the Silver Plate Into Pure Gold
Matthew Isenburg

Vignette: Two Black Portraits from the John Hightower Collection
Thomas Kailbourn

The Swedish Nightingale and the Baltimore Daguerreians
Ross J. Kelbaugh

Vignette: Scovill's Unique "Family Cases"
Peter E. Palmquist

Becquerel--Development "in a New Light"
Gerard Meegan

Art and the American Daguerreotype
Floyd and Marion Rinhart

A Survey of Daguerreian Literature
John Wood

Ball's Daguerreian Gallery of the West
Clyde H. Dilley

Augustin Edouart: A Real Cut Up!
— Wendell Phillips Dodge

Robert H. Vance: The Maine and Boston Years
Peter E. Palmquist

William Shew: Miniature Casemaker in Boston
Frank R. Fraprie

Vignette: J.W. Stancliff
 John Wood

Carleton E. Watkins: A Biography--Chapter 4--From Babies to Landscapes 1856-1858
Peter E. Palmquist

APPENDIX: Mini Daguerreian Biographies and Chronologies

Hugh S. Anderson
C. Duben
Thomas H. Johnson
Rudolph Jordon
William Marratt
Mrs. C.A. Nichols
Mary E. McKinstry
Joseph B. Pleasants
George Reuben Charles
Thomas Rogers
Leo J. Schumacher
William H. Simmons
Charles Stuart Wolff

Index of Daguerreian Names

1990 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

The Daguerreian Annual 1990

Feature Portfolios:

A Newly Discovered Daguerreotype Collection at Amherst College

Portfolio Of Eight Heretofore Unpublished Portraits

Table of Contents

The Editor's Fuming Box
Peter E. Palmquist

On the Society's Name
John Wood

A Newly Discovered Daguerreotype Collection at Amherst College
Martha A. Sandweiss

The First Portable Camera
Julius F. Sachse

Sacramento Squatter's Riot -- G.H. Johnson Captured the Scene

The Everlasting Portrait
Cliff Krainik

On the Trail of Nahum S. Bennett
Laurie A. Baty

Mr. Fixon
Communication from Joan Murray

The Cutting Edge of Yesterday
Kenneth E. Nelson

Dobyns & Company: River City Daguerreian Network
Beth Ouimet

An Arresting Case of Monomania in San Francisco
from contemporary newspaper accounts

Death on the Frontier: A Friend Remembered
Albert S. Southworth

Funerary, Posthumous, Postmortem Daguerreotypes
Daniel Fink

Practical Daguerreian Imagery
Robert Shlaer

A Tip of the Hat: A Survey of Headgear Found in American Daguerreotypes
John F. Graf

"Beyond These Unexplored Sierras": A Daguerreian Quest
Thomas R. Kailbourn

The First Daguerreian Studios in Brussels
Steven F. Joseph and Tristan Schwilden

The Hogg Connection
Robert B. Fisher, M.D.

Brady of Broadway: A New Play for One Character
Wm. B. Becker

Confessions of a Daguerreotype Collector Twice Over and Then Some
David B. Belcher


Potted History of a Daguerreian Lens
Mike Jacob

Mr. Ryder Meets "The Professor"
— James F. Ryder

Daguerreian Jewelry: Popular In Its Day
Larry West and Patricia Abbott

In Memoriam--Dr. Joseph Petzval
Julius F. Sachse

Eliphalet M. Brown, Jr.: An Early Expedition Photographer
Bruce T. Erickson

Documenting the Relics of the Past: A Vignette
Dolores A. Kilgo

Joaquim Bishop: Early American Camera Maker
Pamela C. Powell

Carleton E. Watkins: A Biography--Chapter 3--Shadowcatching in El Dorado 1849-1856
Peter E. Palmquist

APPENDIX: Mini Daguerreian Biographies and Chronologies

Perez Mann Batchelder
Henry William Bradley
Marsena Cannon
Lorenzo G. Chase
Baron Emanual Von Friedrichsthal
Sterling C. McIntyre
Mrs. Julia Ann Ruldolph
Mrs. Julia Shannon
Seth Louis Shaw
Jesse H. Whitehurst
Peter Wright
William L. Zuber

Index of Daguerreian Names

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