1990 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

The Daguerreian Annual 1990


Feature Portfolios:

A Newly Discovered Daguerreotype Collection at Amherst College

Portfolio Of Eight Heretofore Unpublished Portraits


Table of Contents

The Editor's Fuming Box
Peter E. Palmquist

On the Society's Name
John Wood

A Newly Discovered Daguerreotype Collection at Amherst College
Martha A. Sandweiss

The First Portable Camera
Julius F. Sachse

Sacramento Squatter's Riot -- G.H. Johnson Captured the Scene

The Everlasting Portrait
Cliff Krainik

On the Trail of Nahum S. Bennett
Laurie A. Baty

Mr. Fixon
Communication from Joan Murray

The Cutting Edge of Yesterday
Kenneth E. Nelson

Dobyns & Company: River City Daguerreian Network
Beth Ouimet

An Arresting Case of Monomania in San Francisco
from contemporary newspaper accounts

Death on the Frontier: A Friend Remembered
Albert S. Southworth

Funerary, Posthumous, Postmortem Daguerreotypes
Daniel Fink

Practical Daguerreian Imagery
Robert Shlaer

A Tip of the Hat: A Survey of Headgear Found in American Daguerreotypes
John F. Graf

"Beyond These Unexplored Sierras": A Daguerreian Quest
Thomas R. Kailbourn

The First Daguerreian Studios in Brussels
Steven F. Joseph and Tristan Schwilden

The Hogg Connection
Robert B. Fisher, M.D.

Brady of Broadway: A New Play for One Character
Wm. B. Becker

Confessions of a Daguerreotype Collector Twice Over and Then Some
David B. Belcher


Potted History of a Daguerreian Lens
Mike Jacob

Mr. Ryder Meets "The Professor"
— James F. Ryder

Daguerreian Jewelry: Popular In Its Day
Larry West and Patricia Abbott

In Memoriam--Dr. Joseph Petzval
Julius F. Sachse

Eliphalet M. Brown, Jr.: An Early Expedition Photographer
Bruce T. Erickson

Documenting the Relics of the Past: A Vignette
Dolores A. Kilgo

Joaquim Bishop: Early American Camera Maker
Pamela C. Powell

Carleton E. Watkins: A Biography--Chapter 3--Shadowcatching in El Dorado 1849-1856
Peter E. Palmquist

APPENDIX: Mini Daguerreian Biographies and Chronologies

Perez Mann Batchelder
Henry William Bradley
Marsena Cannon
Lorenzo G. Chase
Baron Emanual Von Friedrichsthal
Sterling C. McIntyre
Mrs. Julia Ann Ruldolph
Mrs. Julia Shannon
Seth Louis Shaw
Jesse H. Whitehurst
Peter Wright
William L. Zuber

Index of Daguerreian Names

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