1991 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents


Feature Portfolio:

Nine Daguerreotypes of Miscellaneous Objects, Items and Things


Table of Contents

The Editor's Fuming Box
Peter E. Palmquist

Front Yard Lunar Daguerreotypy
Robert Shlaer

William Shew: A Portrait Photographer for More Than Half a Century
O.V. Lange

Daguerreotype Care for the Collector
M. Susan Barger

Vignette: I Said--SMILE!
Cliff Krainik

A Souvenir of the Portage Railroad Bridge
Wm. B. Becker

Glenalvon J. Goodridge: Black Daguerreian
Linda A. Ries

Marcus Aurelius Root: Heliographer
Clyde H. Dilley

Vignette: A Famous Rebus Mirrored
Chris Steele

Photographers of the Late 1850s: Capsule Reviews for the Photographic Journals of the Period
Ron Polito

Reflecting on Daguerre: Six Items from the Matthew Isenburg Collection
Matthew Isenburg

Anson and Edwin H. Clark: Pioneering Daguerreotypists of Western Massachusetts
Richard Bolt

PORTFOLIO--Nine Daguerreotypes of Miscellaneous Object, Items and Things

Pioneers of Photography--Jex J. Bardwell
William and Estelle Marder

A Texas Frontier Daguerreotype
Lawrence T. Jones

The Graves & Prudden Daguerreotype
Graham W. Garrett

A Second Graves & Prudden Daguerreotype
Graham W. Garrett

The Daguerreotype Plate as Seen by a Contemporary Daguerreian Artist
Irving Pobboravsky

Copying Your Daguerreotypes: A Primer
Dennis A. Waters

Poor Lamb! A Profile of Animal Trainer Isaac Van Amburgh
Mike Jacob

Art Imitates Life: A Daguerreian Satire of the Benton-Kearney Feud, 1848
Thomas Kailbourn

On the Life and Travels of C.E. Johnson: Daguerreian
William L. Camp

The Alchemy of Research: How to Turn the Silver Plate Into Pure Gold
Matthew Isenburg

Vignette: Two Black Portraits from the John Hightower Collection
Thomas Kailbourn

The Swedish Nightingale and the Baltimore Daguerreians
Ross J. Kelbaugh

Vignette: Scovill's Unique "Family Cases"
Peter E. Palmquist

Becquerel--Development "in a New Light"
Gerard Meegan

Art and the American Daguerreotype
Floyd and Marion Rinhart

A Survey of Daguerreian Literature
John Wood

Ball's Daguerreian Gallery of the West
Clyde H. Dilley

Augustin Edouart: A Real Cut Up!
— Wendell Phillips Dodge

Robert H. Vance: The Maine and Boston Years
Peter E. Palmquist

William Shew: Miniature Casemaker in Boston
Frank R. Fraprie

Vignette: J.W. Stancliff
 John Wood

Carleton E. Watkins: A Biography--Chapter 4--From Babies to Landscapes 1856-1858
Peter E. Palmquist

APPENDIX: Mini Daguerreian Biographies and Chronologies

Hugh S. Anderson
C. Duben
Thomas H. Johnson
Rudolph Jordon
William Marratt
Mrs. C.A. Nichols
Mary E. McKinstry
Joseph B. Pleasants
George Reuben Charles
Thomas Rogers
Leo J. Schumacher
William H. Simmons
Charles Stuart Wolff

Index of Daguerreian Names

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