1992 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolios:

Twelve Mexican War Portraits — John F. Graf

A 360 Degree Panorama of the City by the Golden Gate — James Caddick and Susan Schwarzenberg


Table of Contents

The Editor's Fuming Box
— Peter E. Palmquist

Oliver B. Evans: Daguerreian Artist of the Niagara Frontier
— Thomas Kailbourn and Graham Garrett

A Daguerreian Report from Down Under
— Sandy Barrie

The "Daguerreotype" [in December 1839] — Lewis Gaylord Clark

The Rinhart Collection of Photographs
— Clyde H. Dilley

Vignette: "The human face divine..."
— Anthony Trollope

PORTFOLIO--Twelve Mexican War Daguerreian Portraits
— John F. Graf

On the Use of Silvered Glass in the Daguerreotype Process
— Henry Draper, M.D.

The American Daguerre Association: Constitution and Bye-Laws as of October 15, 1851

The Diary of Tallmadge Elwell, Pioneer Daguerreotypist, 1852
— James Taylor Dunn

The Beard Photographic Franchise in England: An Overview
— Robert B. Fisher, M.D.

You May See a Stranger...
— Anonymous

Don't Forget to Check Labels for Dating Clues!
— Matthew Isenburg

A 360 degree Daguerreotype Panorama of the City by the Golden Gate
— James Caddick and Susan Schwartzenberg

"Still Taking Pictures": An Interview with Mathew Brady in April 1891
— George Alfred Townsend

Baron Frederick V. Voigtlander: A Biographical Sketch

In Search of the "Elephant"
— Matthew Isenburg

The Vexations of E.M. Wilson, Itinerant Daguerreotypist
— Jim Foster

St. Anthony Falls on Silver: A Daguerreotype Collection
— Bonnie Wilson

Raffle Wars: A Chronology of Alphonse J. Liebert in California and France
— Peter E. Palmquist

The Daguerreotype in Italy
— Mike Jacob

Miraculous Museum Find Leads to Remarkable Daguerreian Discoveries
— William and Estelle Marder

Daguerreian Images: Poetic Representation
— Patrick Cahill

An Optical Treasure-Trove in Stereo
— Alan Johanson

Daguerreotypy Meets dBase III in Boston
— Melissa K. Rombout

Daguerreotypes [an account from 1846]

Vignette: It Pays to Advertise

Vignette: Snow Geese

A Monument to Daguerre
— Cliff and Michele Krainik

APPENDIX: Mini Daguerreian Biographies and Chronologies

Thomas Bass
Edmond Daggett
Abram Parmele Hart
Lucius E. Horton
Oliver H.P. Norcross
B.W. Read
J. Ruth William
H. Shattuck

Vignette: "A Little Keepsake"

Index of Daguerreian Names

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