1993 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents


Feature Portfolios:

Ten Studio Portraits of California Gold Miners — John F. Graf

William H. Rulofson "The P.T. Barnum of American Photography" — Peter E. Palmquist


Table of Contents

The Editor's Fuming Box
Peter E. Palmquist

Robert H. Vance: Pioneer of the Daguerreotype in Chile
Abel Alexander

The Man with the Nose: Or, the Jilted Volunteer
[Reprint from 1846]

Exhuming the Dead of Yerba Buena Cemetery--Interesting Particulars
[Reprint from 1846]

Woman was Houston's [Texas] First Photographer

J. Lewis Baldwin: Thermoplastic Case Manufacturer
Paul K Berg

Charles Herbert Tremear: "The Patriarch of Twentieth-Century Daguerreotypy in America"
— Dave Tinder

Brady's FOUR New York City Galleries--Not Three!
— George Gilbert

Vignette: Daguerreian Business Cards
Ken Appollo

"S.D. Allis, Vera Cruz, 1847"
— Thomas R. Kailbourn

The Daguerreotype in America [reprint from 1896] — Mrs. D.T. Davis

The Daguerreotype In America [rebuttal to Mrs. Davis, 1896] — Julius F. Sachse

The Two Daguerreotypes [reprint from 1853] — William Camp with introduction by John Wood

The Daguerreotype as a Photometer: Spanish Technical Innovations in Photography's Beginnings
Bernardo Riego

Artists & Daguerreotypists from the United States Census of 1850

Fifteen Years' Experience of a Daguerreotyper [reprint from 1889] — Alexander Beckers

Sachse, Della Porta, and the Rosicrucians: An Introduction to "The Genesis of the Camera"
Carol Lloyd Wood

The Genesis of the Camera [reprint from 1889] — Julius F. Sachse

J.F. Ryder's Ithaca Days
William L. Camp

Daguerreian Fakes, Forgeries and Hoaxes
Harvey S. Zucker

William Herman Rulofson: "The P.T. Barnum of American Photography"
— Peter E. Palmquist

Humphrey's Daguerreian Artist's Register 1850 and 1851

American Photography [A British Account from 1856] — Introduction by John Wood

American Daguerreian Darkroom Equipment Inventory
John W. Manser

The Daguerreotypes of/by Harvey Zucker
— Harvey S. Zucker

PORTFOLIO--Ten Studio Portraits of California Gold Miners
— John F. Graf

"...and Simons." Montgomery Pike Simons of Philadelphia
Laurie A. Baty

Early Equipment
Matthew Isenburg

APPENDIX--Mini Daguerreian Biographies and Chronologies

James B. Marquis
Joseph R. Palmer
William Herman Rulofson (begins p. 137)
Andrew B. Tubbs
Leland Howard Wakefield

Index of Daguerreian Names

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