1996 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents


Feature Portfolios:

Southern Shadows: Reflections of a Bygone Era  A Portfolio of Images Exhibited At The Atlanta History Center In Conjunction With The Daguerreian Society's 1996 Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia
Introduction by John Wood

Occupationals, Tableaux, and Narrative Daguerreotypes
Matthew R. Isenburg

Table of Contents

Otis H. Cooley: Possible Photographer of the Only Known Photograph of Emily Dickinson
— John R. Felix

Vignetted Daguerreotypes: The Evolution of an Art
— Michael G. Jacob

A Window on the Manhattan Metropolis: The Chatham Square Daguerreotype
— Arthur Krim

Fancy Daguerreian Cases
— Paul K. Berg

United States Patents Related to the Practice of Daguerreotypy
— M. Susan Barger

Heliography: The Photographic Process Invented By Nicéphore Niépce Before His Association With Daguerre. New Light on the Invention of Photography.
— Jean-Louis Marignier

Sketches of Paris
Translated from the French by Sarah Howitt

Daguerreotype Portrait
— Kayla Pobboravsky

"It Was I Who Took the First" An Investigation Into Professor Robert Taft's Assessment of Whether Dr. John William Draper Took the First Portrait
— Howard R. McManus

Copying Methods
— John A. Tennant

Rare Image Of Childhood
— Joan Murray

State of the Art: A Chronology of the Daguerreotype in the Twentieth Century
— Christopher Mahoney

"M.B. Brady, Casemaker, N.Y."
— James Wentworth Szymanski

The Charlie Schreiner Daguerreotype Saloon and Image Parlor
— Charlie Schreiner

Daguerreian Treasures at the Smithsonian Institution
— Howard R. McManus

A Thrilling Desire For Accidental Success
— Kenneth E. Nelson

Faces of Freedom: Portraits from the American Colonization Society Collection
— Carol Johnson

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