1999 Daguerreian Society Table of Contents


Feature Portfolio:

A Special Portfolio of Members' Favorite Daguerreotypes


Table of Contents

Sun Pictures In Kalamazoo
— Richard W. Welch

The Twentieth Century's First Natural Color Daguerreotypist
— George Gilbert with illustrations provided by Joseph Boudreau and Wm. B. Becker

El Instructor (London, 1834-1845)
An Early Printed Medium for the Expansion of the Daguerreotype in Spanish-speaking Countries
— Roberto A. Ferrari and Abel J. Alexander

The Magic Mirror At Home
— Susan A. Newberry

A Daguerreian Letter 1839
One Person's Opinion Submitted
— Greg French

More than Un Beau Souvenir du Canada
— Joan M. Schwartz

An Expeditionary Daguerreotype by Solomon Carvalho
— Robert Shlaer

Man's Best Friends
— Ross J. Kelbaugh

An Interview with Jerry Spagnoli
A Contemporary Daguerreotypist
— Sarah Morthland

The Ties that Bind
Daguerreotypes and the Roberts and Thompson Families
— Sarah J. Weatherwax

Daguerreian Society Publications Ten-Year Index: 1990-1999
— The Daguerreian Annual Ten-Year Index: 1990-1999, compiled by David Cameron
— Authors who have contributed to the Daguerreian Annuals 1990-1999, compiled by David Cameron
— Daguerreian Society Newsletter Index 1990-1999, compiled by Juliet Cameron

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