2001 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolio:

The Passions Series Daguerreotypes: Valentine’s Project to Know Himself
— Joe Struble

Table of Contents

Two Golden Daguerreotypes: A Research Report
— Liesbeth Ruitenberg

You Just Never Know:
The True Story Of An Unusual Daguerreian Adventure

— Joe Pollock

Frozen in Time:
Preserving the Daguerreotype Latent Image

— John Hurlock and Eric Rickart

A Special Portfolio Of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

Open for Business at 535 Broadway:
The Account Books of James Brown, New York Daguerreotypist

— Rob Rudd

"...I Had To Use One of My Bills."
— courtesy Matthew R. Isenburg

Henry Morley, Charles Dickens and the J. J. E. Mayall Studio
— John Hannavy

Letters from Mexico:
Joseph Woollens Writes Home

— Transcribed by Mark Johnson and Terry Mossop

A Special Portfolio of Daguerreotypes Produced in Mexico

Samuel Broadbent, Daguerreian Artist
— Rebecca Norris

Shoot, If You Must, This Old Gray Head
The Daguerreotype of an American Patriot

— Ross J. Kelbaugh

A Case Study: Frederick B. Smith, Herman F. Hartmann and Daguerreotype Case Diesinking in America
— Thomas Beckman

Ramona de Wilson, Beauty and Matriarch
— Leonard Olarsch

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