2004 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Feature Portfolio:

Exploring the American Frontier
Part I – Legacy of the Land Surveyor in the Daguerreian Era

— Dr. William J. Schultz

Table of Contents

Daguerreotypes from the Newport Historical Society Collection
— Mark S. Johnson

Australia Felix: Douglas T. Kilburn’s Daguerreotype Portraits of Australian Koories, 1847
— Dr. Isobel Crombie

Our Sixth Annual Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

Unlocking the Secret:
Hyper-sensitizing Daguerreotypes with Light

— John Hurlock

Portfolio: Images of Surveyors and Surveying Instruments
— Dr. William J. Schultz

Remarkable Legacy: Early Philadelphia Street Views
— Arthur Krim

Shot in Alabama: Daguerreotypy in a Deep South State
— Frances Robb

Checklist of Photographers and Others Associated with Photography in Alabama, 1839–1861
— Compiled by Frances Osborn Robb

Trapping Apparitions:
Daguerreotypes, Mirrors and Mementoes

— Shaun Caton

The Southworth and Hawes Daguerreotypes of Grace Greenwood, “Authoress”
— Howard and Martha Sachs

The Standard Oreo Case & the “Mini” Oreo,
a New Size in Thermoplastic Cases

— Paul K. Berg

McAllister, Crane & Co.
An 1850s Chain Store On The Emigrant Trail

— Elizabeth B. Isenburg

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