2006 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Images from Melbourne’s Past

— Alan Elliott

A Selection of Daguerreotypes from The Pencil of Nature
— The Society’s 2006 Symposium Exhibition

The Eye Perfected: The Daguerreotypes of T. P. and D. C. Collins
— Rebecca Norris

A Daguerreotype, a Braided Lovelock, and a Billet-Doux
— Robert E. Haines

“Ultimate Success is Certain”:
The Life and Art of Samuel A. Bemis

— Robert W. Bermudes, Jr.

Library of Congress Feature, “L. J. Phillips Daguerreian Rooms”

The Emergence of Commercial Photography in Boston: 1840-1841
— Ron Polito

“It Seems An Age Since I Left Home”:
The Letters of N. D. Stanwood

— David Petruzelli

Light Through the Smoke:
A Short Discussion of Pittsburgh Daguerreotypists

— Thomas M. Weprich

A Special Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

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