2012 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Scenes from the Isenburg Collection at AMC Toronto
— A Daguerreian Annual Portfolio

Moses Warren & the Quinebaug Gold Company
— Mark S. Johnson

The Itinerant Daguerreotypist: A Case Study in Pre-Unified Northern Italy
— Gabriella Bologna and Ken Jacobson

Western Daguerreian Adventures: or Record-Breaking Procrastination
— Eric Rickart

The Silver Plate & The Paper Trail
— Wm. B. Becker

All That Remains: Tracking a Pioneer Daguerreian
— Greg Drake

Dog Gone: Man's Best Friend and the Daguerreotype
— Gary Bart

William Walker: Nothing as it Seems
— Paul Bolcik

Sleuthing the "Ordinary" Daguerreotype
— Alan Johanson

Niepce's pre-1833 Photographic Images Analyzed
— Dusan C. Stulik & Art Kaplan

Portfolio of Members' Favorite Daguerreotypes
— A Daguerreian Annual Portfolio

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