2016 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Topaz The Portrait Painter: 19th-Century French Political Satire and the Daguerreotype
— Leonard A. Walle

A Connecticut Yankee Chronicle: Epaphras Hoyt and His Camera Obscura
—Nicholas M. Graver

Past Was Prologue: Ruminations of a Practical Daguerreotypist
— Jerry Spagnoli

A Swiss Homecoming: Charles Gleyre’s The Romans Passing Under the Yoke in Daguerreotype
— Steven F. Joseph

Brass Tacks: The Impact of Scovill Brass on Early Photography
— Jeremy Rowe

The Daguerreotype and the 1851 Great Exhibition
— Anthony Hamber

Unearthing the Daguerreotype: A Scientific Study
— Patrick Ravines and Rob McElroy

The Flip Side of CDVs
— Richard Sheaff

E. C. Hawkins: History of a Photographic Pioneer
— David R. Hanlon

Signor Blitz: The Master of Magic
— Russell Norton

Bounty from the Bowery: August Obermüller and the Marketing of Early American Tattoo Culture
— Margaret Hodges, Derin Bray, and Carmen Forquer-Nyssen

“In Camp” with Artists
— Leonard A. Walle

Reflections in a Mirrored Eyes
— Binh Danh

Of Plates and Pirates: The Mystery of a Man with a Skull
— Michael G. Jacob

The One that (Almost) Got Away: A 38-Year Odyssey
— Jeremy Rowe

A Fascinating Daguerreian Broadside
— Nicholas M. Graver

Portfolio of Members’ Favorite Daguerreotypes

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