2021 Daguerreian Annual Table of Contents

Unwilling Portraits: A Glimpse into the St. Louis Rogues' Gallery
— Shayne Davidson

A Time of Discovery: The Isaac Hayes 1860-1861 Polar Expedition
— Leonard A. Walle

Myron Kimball
— Jeremy Rowe

A Lewis Carroll and Julia Margaret Cameron Album, including Miscellaneous Cartes
— David Holcomb

Scratching the Surface, Part II: Some Thoughts on the Signed Daguerreotype
— Glenn Willumson

Zoar: Ohio's Plaee of Religious Refuge (and Communism)
— Wm. B. Becker

Horne & Thornthwaite and Early Stereoscopic Dry Plate Cameras
— Jeremy Rowe

Pathfinder: The Visual Journey of Antonio Schranz
— David R. Hanlon

Patents for Thermoplastic Wall Frames
— Paul K. Berg

Gustavus W. Pach: A Nineteenth-Century New Jersey Photographer
— Gary D. Saretzky

Pondering the Association of Samuel Peck and Holmes, Booth & Haydens
— Paul K. Berg

Horology in Photography: Timekeeping and Timekeepers in Photographs
— Bob Frishman

— Mike Medhurst


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