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The Daguerreian Society 2020 Symposium Benefit Auction

The Daguerreian Society's annual benefit auction was held on line November 14th, at 6pm Eastern time. All bidding was absentee or on-line through LiveAuctioneers or Cowan's Auctions.

The 2020 Benefit Auction on LiveAuctioneers. The buyer's premium on LiveAuctioneers was 23% (includes 5% charged by LiveAuctioneers).

The 2020 Benefit Auction on Cowan's. The buyer's premium on Cowan's was 18% (Cowan's did not charge an incremental buyer's premium).

Full auction terms may be found here.

Thanks to all who participated!


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Notre Dame Cathedral with "FRITH’S SERIES" blindstamp; Church of St.Vincent de Paul; Church of St. Augustine Paris with "FRITH’S SERIES" blindstamp; The Madelaine; The Pantheon; Pantheon Interior; Palais de Justice and St. Chapelle; Palais de Justice La Conciergerie; Dome des invalides; Church of the Invalides; Palais de Tuileries; Palais de Tuileries (different view); Arc de Triumphe; Opera House; Opera House (different view); Carousel; Corps Legistlatif with "FRITH’S SERIES" blindstamp; The Sorbonne; Musee de Cluny; St. Jacques with "FRITH’S SERIES" blindstamp; Hotel de Ville; Le Grand Hotel; Palais de Luxembourg; Column Vendome; Bois de Bologne; Cirque des Champ de Elysses; Palais de Versailles; Versailles Le Grand Trianon; Grand Trianon Versailles (different view); Versailles Parc ou Petit Trianon; Gallery des Glaces Versailles; Bed of St. Louis Versailles; Versailles Chapelle; Cascades de St. Cloud; Cathedrale de St. Denis; Notre Dame Cathedral.

Some of the titles are captions within the photograph, others are in ink on the mount below the photograph. All are included in the Key.

KEY. There is a key with titles #1 - 53. This lot includes 12 - 24, 26 - 32, 34 - 38, 40, 42 - 49, 52, and 53. The key is on RARE PAPER with a "J. WHATMAN 1867" watermark. The National Gallery of Australia website has an informative essay on Whatman Watermarks.

SIZES. Photos: Average size is approximately 7½ x 9½ inches. The smallest is approximately 6½ x 8½ inches, the largest is approximately 8½ x 10 3/8 inches. Mounts: Approximately 13 5/8 x 16¾ inches.

(Only 1 is faded. Some light scuffing here and there. Most are rich in tonality and sharp.)

This lot consists of large paper prints, so special packing fees apply. See the shipping terms for details.

ESTIMATE: $250 - $500

Sold for $700 plus premium



Quarter plate daguerreotype.

His pants are also hand colored, a nice shade of blue. He looks at us wide-eyed, with both hands gripping the chair. Half case.

(Very good condition.)

ESTIMATE: $300 - $700

Sold for $275 plus premium


#s 1, 2, 3, and 5 all have functioning pins. #4 has a circular mechanism to accommodate a chain.

1) Girl in a blue-green fancy dress in artistic pose. Pin measures about 2¾ x 2 inches. (Light wipes.)

2) Man with pink shirt, floppy collar, and bow tie. The pink is much more evident with even slight tilting, where it really comes forth. Pink cheeks, too. Pin measures about 1 3/8 x 1 1/8 inches.

3) Endearing girl, closeup. Pin measures about 1 3/8 x 1 1/8 inches. (Disturbances are on the glass, not the image. It is our opinion that cleaning the glass would greatly enhance the image. We assume an experienced jeweler could do that.)

4) Dashing handsome man with piercing eyes and goatee. Circular, about 1½ inches in diameter. (Light wipes. Can’t tell if spots are on glass or plate, though it might just be the former.)

5) Dignified man with an abundance of curls and mound of hair on his head. Pin measures about 2½ x 1 7/8 inches. (Scratches.)

This is a multi-item lot, so special packing fees apply. See the shipping terms for details.

ESTIMATE: $350 - $600

Sold for $475 plus premium


16 Items, 19 images (one case accommodates 4 images).

1) Ninth plate daguerreotypes. Tinted lady with curls and fingerless gloves. Full case. (Very good.)

2) Ninth plate daguerreotype. Beautiful young lady. Full case. (Light wipes.)

3) Ninth plate daguerreotype. Child in chair. Full case. (Scratches.)

4) Ninth plate daguerreotype. Man wearing hat. Full case. (Discoloration from tinting.)

5) Ninth plate daguerreotype. Girl seated. Full case. (Very good.)

6) Ninth plate daguerreotype. Woman. Split case. (Indistinct and heavy encroaching tarnish.)

7) Ninth plate ambrotype. Young man. Split case.

8) Ninth plate ambrotype. Child with mouth wide open. Split case.

9-12) Unusual fold-out leather case accommodates four images. 3 are ninth plate daguerreotypes, 1 is a ninth plate ambrotype. The images are not pictured due to us not wanting to stress the case. (9: Woman, scratches 10: Young man, fair condition. 11: Man with light-colored linen jacket, needs new glass, otherwise very good. 12: Lady, oxidation.)

13) Sixteenth plate daguerreotype. Lively child. Full case. (Very good.)

14) Sixteenth plate daguerreotype. Bearded man, no mustache. Japanned case (black lacquer) with mother of pearl inlay. (Heavy tarnish. Case worn at spine.)

15) Sixteenth plate daguerreotype. Boy with buttons. Split case. (Heavy tarnish, spots.)

16) Sixteenth plate ambrotype. Woman. Full thermoplastic case. (Poor condition. Case worn.)

17) Sixteenth plate ambrotype. good leather case housing poor condition ambrotype.

18. Tintype in Oreo case. (Nick and 'fleabites' around the edge of case. Tintype in good condition.)

19) Daguerreotype in half Oreo case. Gentleman with goatee. (Big 'ding.')

This is a box lot, so special packing fees apply. See the shipping terms for details.

ESTIMATE: $400 - $800

Sold for $400 plus premium


This is a generous donation by Cynthia Motzenbecker. All proceeds from the sale of this lot go to the Daguerreian Society. Please be generous in your bidding.

"DAGUERREOTYE" is stylishly and boldly emblazoned across these glasses. The small text informs the drinker that the beverage (which is not included) is "11.1% ABV by VOL." (Alcohol by Volume.) Very handsome set of four. Each is about 5¼ inches high, 2½ inches in diameter at the top, and about 3 inches in diameter in the mid-section. Wonderful graphics. Brand new!

There is no packing fee for this lot!

ESTIMATE: $50 - $100

Sold for $50 plus premium



19 items with 21 photographic images (a couple items have 2 images).

1 - 2) Daguerreotype of a woman with white lace collar and classic hairstyle. Backed with tintype of a bearded man. Working pin on side with man. Approximately 2 x 1 5/8 inches. (Heavy tarnish on woman, otherwise very good. Man has slight bends.)

3 - 4) Ambrotype of a well-groomed man with long sideburns. Backed with ambrotype of lady in semi-profile. Working pin on side with lady. Approximately 2¾ x 2¼ inches.

5 - 7) Portraits on milk glass (opalotypes). Identical frames with built in stands. Approximately 2¾ x 1¾ inches each. (Very good condition.)

8) Tintype portrait of exotic woman with gold jewelry. Approximately 2½ X 2 1/8 inches. Hook mechanism. (Vertical scratches.)

9) Daguerreian locket. Approximately 1½ x 1 inches. (Heavy tarnish encroaches on the image.)

10 - 21) Uncased ambrotypes of various sizes for lockets. We will not give exact sizes on these. (Mostly very good condition.)

This is a multi-item lot, so special packing fees apply. See the shipping terms for details.

ESTIMATE: $400 - $650

Sold for $425 plus premium


These are 6 lockets containing 10 images (9 daguerreotypes, 1 tintype.)

1 & 2) Locket with a rope chain. 2 daguerreotypes. Woman with glasses on. (Good to very good.) Man with dimpled chin, and head up. (Very good condition.)

3) Locket daguerreotype of man with chin beard, tinted cheeks. (Black spot at upper left. White spots on glass only. Very good.)

4 & 5) Locket with two images of same man. Daguerreotype of man with arched eyebrows, goatee. (White residue on edges.) Tintype of same man. (Very good to excellent.)

6 & 7) Locket with two daguerreotypes. Debonair young gentleman. (Scratched, but strong image.) Another handsome man. (Faded, tarnished, and scratched.)

8) Tiny locket with a rope chain. Daguerreotype of woman in artistic lighting. She's compelling. (Residue around the edges.)

9 & 10) Locket with 2 daguerreotypes. Older woman with bonnet. (Brown spots.) Older man. (Residue at top.)

This is a multi-item lot, so special packing fees apply. See the shipping terms for details.

ESTIMATE: $350 - $650

Sold for $450 plus premium


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