2022 Daguerreian Society Benefit Auction Terms

The 2022 Daguerreian Society Benefit Auction

The auction will begin on Saturday, October 29, at 8:30 pm Central Time.

The in-person auction will be held at the

Palmer House Hilton
17 E Monroe St
Chicago, IL 60603

Bidding will be in person for Symposium attendees and on-line through LiveAuctioneers. Absentee bidding will be available through LiveAuctioneers and email. No phone bidding will be available.


Property listed in our online catalogues will be sold by The Daguerreian Society as agent for others subject to the following terms and conditions. Clients placing bids at auction agree to pay the full purchase price of any lots for which the client is the winning bidder and further acknowledge and agree to these Conditions of Sale. The Daguerreian Society and its representatives reserve the right to amend these by notice or oral announcement at the sale.

All bids are to be per lot as numbered in the catalogue.

The Daguerreian Society reserves the right to withdraw any property for sale at any time prior to its final sale.

Unless specified, each lot is offered subject to a reserve. The Daguerreian Society does not accept reserves of more than the low estimate nor allow consignors to bid on their own items.

The Daguerreian Society reserves the right to reject a bid from any bidder. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the event of any dispute between bidders or in the event the auctioneer doubts the validity of any bid, the auctioneer shall have sole and final discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to re-offer and resell the article in dispute. If any dispute arises after the sale, our sales records shall be conclusive in every respect.

The “hammer price” is the price at which a lot is sold or hammered down by the auctioneer. The “purchase price” paid by the winning bidder is the aggregate of (a) the hammer price, and (b) the applicable buyer’s premium.

Any and all information provided by The Daguerreian Society, including all employees and representatives of The Daguerreian Society, in its catalogs, other written or oral descriptions, email or elsewhere are qualified statements of opinion. They are not intended to represent warranties or representations of any kind or nature with respect to the property or its value, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or whether the purchaser acquires any copyrights. In no event shall The Daguerreian Society or the consignor be responsible for the correctness of description, genuineness, attribution, provenance, authenticity, authorship, completeness, condition of the property or estimate of value.

CATALOGUES: Catalogues will be available in two formats:

  1. On liveauctioneers.com and cowanauctions.com in their on-line catalog format
  2. A printed catalog will be available on the day of the auction for in-person attendees

Highlights of the auction will be posted on The Daguerreian Society's Web site here.

CONDITION REPORTS, for absentee bidders, are available on request. Contact auction@daguerreiansociety.org, or request through LiveAuctioneers or Cowan's Auctions.

Prospective bidders should study all provided on-line photos carefully, as they are often the best indication of condition. Contact The Daguerreian Society at auction@daguerreiansociety.org in case of additional questions.

STARTING BIDS will be published for each lot on LiveAuctioneers and Cowan's Auctions. These will apply to both on-line and in-person bidding. The auctioneer reserves the right to modify the starting bids during the bidding process.

Up to $100 bids will be in $10 increments.
From $100-$500 bids will be in $25 increments.
From $500-$1000 bids will be in $50 increments.
From $1000-$2500 bids will be in $100 increments.
From $2500-$5000 bids will be in $250 increments.
From $5000-$10,000 bids will be in $500 increments.
From $10,000 up bids will be in $1000 increments. 

The auctioneer reserves the right to revert to smaller increments during the bidding process. 

BUYER'S PREMIUM: The auction's purpose is to generate revenue for The Daguerreian Society. Its buyer's premiums are below the norm:

  • Premium for Cowan's Auctions live or absentee buyers: 20% of hammer price. Cowan's Auctions has generously waived their additional fees.
  • Premium for LiveAuctioneers live or absentee buyers: 25% of hammer price. The additional 5% only covers our fees to LiveAuctioneers.
  • Premium for buyers attending in person at Palmer House: 20% of hammer price.
  • Premium for absentee email buyers: 20% of hammer price.

SELLER'S COMMISSION: 10%. This benefits The Daguerreian Society and likewise is below the norm.

BUY-IN FEE OF 5% of the unmet reserve, with a maximum of $200 per lot. This fee only applies to items auctioned with reserves. For example, if a consignor reserves an item for $600 and it is unsold, the fee will be $30. For an unmet reserve of $2000, the fee will be $100. For an unmet reserve of $4000 or more, the fee would be $200 (i.e., the maximum).

BIDDING USING LIVEAUCTIONEERS: On-line live bidding and absentee bidding will be available through LiveAuctioneers.com. See this page for help registering and bidding in the auction on line with LiveAuctioneers.

BIDDING USING COWAN'S AUCTIONS: On-line, live bidding and absentee bidding will be available through cowanauction.com. See this page for help registering and bidding in the auction on line with Cowan's. Note that telephone bidding with Cowan's will not be offered.

Registrations or bids submitted too late for approval will not be accepted or placed -- all Internet bidders, whether absentee or live on line, are strongly advised to register well ahead of the auction, and to gain familiarity with the bidding process before the day of the auction. You are responsible for understanding how to bid.

LiveAuctioneers and Cowan's Auctions are the authoritative sources for information on their respective platforms. The Daguerreian Society accepts no responsibility for failures to place or execute absentee bids placed on these auction platforms.

PREVIEW: 3:00-5:00 pm Central Time at the Palmer House Hilton, 17 E Monroe St, Chicago, Illinois.

PHONE BIDDING: No live phone bids will be accepted.

ABSENTEE BIDDING: Absentee bidding will be available through the LiveAuctioneers and Cowan's Auctions on-line platforms, and by placing absentee email bids in advance of the auction. 

All absentee email bids must state the highest bid price the bidder is willing to pay. “Buy” bids are not accepted. The Daguerreian Society accepts no responsibility for failure to execute such bids or any errors contained in submitted bids.

We run these auctions with the utmost integrity. All bids will be competitively bid with total discretion, in increments against other real bids. 

Contact Greg French at auction@daguerreiansociety.org with absentee email bids until 6:00 pm Central Time Friday, October 28, 2022. Please specify each lot number, title and your maximum bid for the lot. Email is required as it provides a timestamped record of your bids. Absentee email bids will be executed the night of the auction, and are not subject to the extra premium for on-line bidding.

In order to place an absentee bid through LiveAuctioneers or Cowan's Auctions you must be approved to bid on line for the auction, just as you would if bidding live. LiveAuctioneers instructions for absentee bidding are here. You may retract an absentee bid submitted through LiveAuctioneers up to two hours before the auction begins.

PAYMENT: All items are to be paid for by cash, credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, cashier’s check, or personal check with approved credit. The Daguerreian Society reserves the right to hold items paid for by personal check until the check has cleared the bank. Buyer agrees to pay The Daguerreian Society $50 for any returned check. Invoices are due upon receipt. Merchandise is shipped only after full payment has been received. An additional fee of 3% is charged if paying by credit card or PayPal. This only covers costs to The Daguerreian Society for their use.

Purchases that have gone unpaid twenty (20) business days after the sale are subject to any or all of the following: (a) late charge of five percent (5%) of the total purchase price per month; (b) cancellation of the sale; (c) rescindment of bidding privileges at future auctions; (d) initiation of legal proceedings to collect the entire debt including original purchase price, late charges, and legal fees and costs to the fullest extent permitted by law; and (e) any other action or actions The Daguerreian Society finds necessary and appropriate.

COLLECTION: All in-person buyers must remove their purchases Saturday evening, 10/29/2022, after cleared payment, unless shipping instructions are received by The Daguerreian Society. If not removed, property will be held at the sole risk of the purchaser and no responsibility is assumed if such goods are lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. The Daguerreian Society reserves the right to store unclaimed purchases at its discretion and assumes no liability for any damages incurred after the sale.

In order to prevent inaccuracy in delivery or inconvenience in the settlement of a purchase, no lot can be transferred. Each buyer must pay for the whole of his or her purchases before any of that buyer's lots can be removed.

SHIPPING: Shipping is available for absentee and LiveAuctioneers buyers ONLY. Such buyers are responsible for charges to package, ship and insure their purchases, as specified below.

The Daguerreian Society will arrange shipping and will ship property via USPS, UPS or FedEx on request, but by default will use USPS.

Shipping charges will be calculated as follows:

  • Small, singular items (e.g. 1-2 daguerreotypes in a single case, a 1-6 CDV or stereoview lot, or a small book): $15 packing fee plus actual costs for shipping and insurance.
  • Lots ("multi-item lots") consisting of small numbers of distinct small items, or a larger quantity of CDVs or stereoviews, or a singular item that is larger or needing more careful packing (e.g. a book or letter), : $20 packing fee plus actual costs for shipping and insurance.
  • Box lots consisting of many items ("box lots"), large paper prints, or albums, or a singular large item (e.g. a framed image or a camera): $30 packing fee plus actual costs for shipping and insurance.
  • Large or bulky items (e.g. multiple albums, lots of 25 or more cased images): $50 packing fee plus actual costs for shipping and insurance.

Packing charges will be set at the discretion of The Daguerreian Society, and will based on what our experienced staff considers necessary to keep your purchases safe in shipping.

Lots subject to more than the minimum $15 packing fee will be indicated as such in their descriptions. If not so indicated for a lot the minimum fee applies. In case of multiple purchases we will combine lots into shipping boxes at our discretion to reduce your shipping costs, but the per-lot packing fee will still apply.

Insurance is mandatory for all shipments.

Please contact The Daguerreian Society well in advance of bidding if you have any questions regarding packing and shipping charges. Placing a bid for a lot implies acceptance of the above charges.

The Daguerreian Society assumes no liability for any damages incurred during shipping and will not be responsible for any loss of damage resulting from the shipping in excess of the amount of insurance. Property is shipped only after payment has cleared.

If purchased property cannot be delivered in the same condition as at the time of sale, due to fire, theft, loss or any other reason, The Daguerreian Society liability will be limited to the sum actually paid by the purchaser. In no event, will compensatory or other damages be included.

SPECIAL NOTE TO NON-US BUYERS: All customs declarations will reflect the full invoice value. Any resultant duties, tariffs and/or taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer.


Diane Filippi Cindy Motzenbecker
Greg French Michael Peterson
Craig James Mike Robinson
Tim Lindholm Doug Scougale
Susan Meyer Dennis Williams

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